Shape Shifters Team Chat - JUNE 2023



  • Pupowl
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    Here is the daily card
  • pedal__power
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    PW 202.6
    CW 201.8

    6/27 13,997
    6/28 14,533
    6/29 11,826

    My nutrition was a little better this week, I watched portion sizes and cut down on evening snacking. I'm slowly getting back into tracking food, which I need to do to stay on track.

    The air quality continues to be poor here from the forest fires, so I'm not walking or biking as much and not getting to my step goal. I played hockey (inside) one evening and completed a 10K row this morning on my indoor rowing machine. However, I'd rather be exercising outside!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    kodakslim wrote: »
    Quick check-in :)

    …I recently made an “impulse buy”….a pair of roller skates (quad wheels). I’m 33 and I haven’t skated since I was around 9 years old :D I just remembered how fun it was back then, and thought why not! After a quick Google, I found a roller skating place around 10 miles away which holds roller discos for people of all ages. If my skates arrive on time, I’ll go there next week to try them out. Not only should it be fun, but it’ll be a great way of getting some additional exercise in!

    Do any of you roller skate? Or would you try it again?

    I used to love roller skating and reached out to a roller hockey team in my area recently to learn more about their league but I don’t have a stick yet, and need to check if my old in line skates are still in the backyard shed. I think the roller disco will be fun! I would try it. I just need to break out of my usual routine.

    At the gym, I use the jump rope and it reminds me of when I was young. It’s funny to think how I would jump rope, run around, or practice the ‘perfect’ cartwheel for hours and not think about it as exercise. I try to channel that playful thinking when the coach has me doing cartwheels on the right and left side when we can’t row on the water and workout indoors. I definitely don’t have the energy I did as a young girl! But, at first I was afraid to try to do a cartwheel and it’s easier now so it feels good to have conquered the fear!

    Have fun @kodakslim!
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    PW 226
    CW 227
  • jugar
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    The JULY team chat is now open! Please continue to post weigh-ins here through the end of Saturday. Go to the new month for introductions, and to set your goals and intentions:
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is todays card. Happy Saturday everyone <3
  • jessicakrall8
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    We're missing six weigh-ins for the week (incl today):

    Steppers, post your steps and catch me up on your week!
  • CasandraW
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW 210.8
    CW 210
  • Jlswensen
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    Weigh Day: Saturday
    PW: 214.7
    CW: 213.2
  • Zaxa2021
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    Step update

    6/28- 13,890
    6/29- 16,950
    6/30- 13,390
  • nancyinmo
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    Saturday weigh-in
    PW: 157.0
    CW: 156.4
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