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    That’s great @Cyncia85! I’m glad you persevered through the ups and downs. We’re in this for the long haul so the trajectory over time is what matters. Keep that downward momentum!

    @jessicakrall8 - Thanks for all the tips to help us through the heat!

    @pupowl - I loved seeing the pictures. Butterflies and birds are so calming. Your natural perches will be a nice addition to your yard. Nice idea!

    @nancyinmo - I hope you enjoy your visit with family. I’ll be driving through NYC next Saturday and I’m trying to decide if we should stop to see friends or drive straight through to Boston. I like to take a more leisurely approach to traveling and enjoy the process, but my husband is all about the goal/ destination.

    His driving is often scary for me, especially on long trips, because he has no patience with the other drivers. It’s very stressful for me so I have to tune out his emotions while he’s driving. I take the second shift so I can drive before it gets to be too much to handle.

    I’ll be the women meditating in the passenger side of the car as we pass through the City. 🧘‍♀️
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    Cyncia85 Steps (daily goal is 7,000 steps)

    Thurs July 21 = 15,821 :smile: over goal - steps + a bike ride
    Fri July 22 = 6,076 :neutral: under goal
    Sat July 23 = 11,475 :smile: over goal - this was a sweaty day of helping a friend cut down trees
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    Izzyred9400 …
    I've missed my Dance fit classes this week so will be glad when they resume this week.I could have been to the gym but I don't enjoy it as much.So I'm going to make the effort to go this afternoon as my hubby is working & it's raining so no excuse not to.

    How do others on here handle lack of motivation to exercise? Mine varies,I think mindset has alot to do with it.

    Have a great weekend everyone ❤️

    Usually, I make sure there’s some kind of accountability built in to my workouts. My coach or rowing group members are waiting for me at the boathouse, and my soccer team needs four women for our co-ed games. For the women’s pick up games, we use an app to let the group know if we’ll be there or not. My husband and I work out with a personal trainer twice a week. So, my exercise experiences are part social in addition to the physical benefits. I always say that the hardest part of a workout is putting on my sneakers. I’m not as consistent with the co-ed soccer during our off-season because we don’t have to confirm whether we’ll be there for the informal pickup games. I don’t know why I’m willing to show up for others more than myself but at least I recognize the problem and work around it. 🤷‍♀️

    The other approach I have used is habit building — like workout everyday after work before getting dinner — or every morning before doing anything else. Motivation wanes so I try not to rely on it.

    I try to remind myself how good I feel after a workout but it doesn’t always work. I hope you had a good workout at the gym last week and I’m glad your dance class will make it easier this week — since you look forward to it. Good job getting out in the rain when you really didn’t feel like going to the gym — that’s impressive!

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    Wk 4 - Sun, Jul 23rd
    PW: 171.2
    CW: 172.2
    Gain: 1.0

    HW: 182.2
    SW: 178.8 (started with beg May 2023)
    Month 1, May 2023 - End wt = 176.0: loss 2.8
    Month 2, Jun 2023 - End wt = 175.0: loss 1.0
    Month 3, Jul 2023 - this month: loss 2.8
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  • jessicakrall8
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    CONGRATS and WTG Shape Shifters!!! WOOHOO!!! Congrats also to those who placed or got honorable mentions for last week! Yayyy!

    Jessica :smile:
  • Walela617
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    WI Day: Sunday
    PW: 152.4 (7/16 - WK 3)
    CW: 151.0 (7/23 - WK 4)
    LTD: 3.8 lbs. (From 154.8 on Sunday, 6/25)

    Thanks for clarifying Jessica! I understand that NEXT Sunday, July 30th kicks off our August challenge.

    I will post steps breakdown next...
  • Walela617
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    Steps for this past week:

    7/15: 2 899
    7/16: 5,812
    7/17: 11,741
    7/18: 23,779
    7/19: 8,450
    7/20: 11,615
    7/21: 4,399
  • Walela617
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    7/22: (Fitbit not worn)
    7/23: 11,286 (MFP syncs w/Fitbit)
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Fri 7/21: 5,002
    Sat 7/22: 4,868
  • Bumbinella
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    Sunday weigh ins

    PW: 170.9 lbs
    CW: 170.2 lbs
  • dancingonstarz
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    Congratulations team!! 🎉🎉🎉 First place on the leaderboard is always nice to see!

    Way to go @dancingonstarz, @nancyinmo, and @kcpond, our Team Winners!

    Thanks! I'm shocked! I guess that's the weird thing about weight loss; I haven't changed anything in my routine but for some reason the weight just fell off last week. 🤷‍♀️. Just a good reminder to keep truckin' through the plateaus when they happen too.
  • JenHul
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    Monday weigh in day
    PW: 166.2

    July 17 steps= 8620
    July 18 steps= 10,222
    July 19 steps= 10,953
    July 20 steps= 12,664
    July 21 steps= 11,037
    July 22 steps= 10,494
    July 23 steps= 5714

    It's been a busy week! Lot's of steps, trying to really watch what I eat, and cutting down on evening snacking. Looks like Shape Shifters had a great week! Keep up the great work team!
  • Sbus12
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    PW 180.1
    CW 178.9

    7/17 13,854
    7/18 10,163
    7/19 9,835
    7/20 6,677
    7/21 16,145
    7/22 8,581
    7/23 1,119

    Sorry @jessicakrall8 for the data overload!
  • Sbus12
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    I love seeing all the success from last week! Congrats @jenhul, @dancingonstarz, @kcpond and @Nancyinmo

    I know @PatriceFitnessPal asked last week about food that surprised us when weighed. I started that with pasta but I’ll add salad dressing to that too. So easy to pass thr serving size on that!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Monday weigh in
    PW: 301.2
    CW: 302.4
  • Sbus12
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    After an enjoyable vacation , I struggled today with my calories. I was 300 over and way below on steps. I phoned a friend—a speed walking friend and an hour later, dripping with sweat, I have 11,755 steps!! It feels so good to push myself and get my steps in!
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