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  • horror_hamster
    welcome newbies!! Glad to have you! feel free to add me as you please ;-D I'll be organizing a meet-up at some point after the new year. I'm thinking bowling -- seriously love that game.
  • silvergurl518
    silvergurl518 Posts: 4,123 Member
    i'm laura! i work as a fed gov't contractor but my passion is in music ( i've lost 10 lbs (YESSSSSSSSS) and i have roughly 18# to go to get to my goal. i actually enjoy running now and i do all sorts of workout DVDs from the comforts of home, but want to try out crossfit...

    oh, ps. i live in mclean! and i'm 28 :)
  • abfit4life
    abfit4life Posts: 220 Member
    Hey all. I'm Avonie originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica via Toronto, Canada. I now live in Springdale, MD. No commuting dramas here because I work from home...albeit an often dreary basement. The wifi does grant me some reprieve. I recommitted to MFP on Dec. 2, 2011 and know now that logging my food and exercise is only half the journey. Equally important is reaching out to like minded folks to give and get support. Very happy to have made this connection.

  • Truthcarr18
    Truthcarr18 Posts: 6 Member
    Hello! My name is Tiffany, Im 24 from the dmv area. I feel good knowing that there are people on this website close to me, This will help me get to my goal :)
  • RobinRenee83
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    Hello everyone!! I've been on MFP for a while, but am excited to find a group of local people who share my goal for weight loss!

    My name is Robin, and I am a 28 year old mother of one. I am married to my best friend, and he is the reason that I am currently living in Clinton, MD as I was born in raised in small town Culpeper, Va. A country girl at heart, ya'll know this traffic and excess of people is KILLING me!!!!! I miss home and find it difficult to adapt to the city at times, but I look forward to getting to know all of you as we journey towards our healthier, happier, and SMALLER selves.
  • Lioness102
    Lioness102 Posts: 59 Member
    Greetings all,
    This is my first time here, not the first time on the weight roller coaster. Living in this area for 2 years now...originally from Florida. The problem is loss of motivation from time to time, hoping this is gonna be the last time.
    Grad student in legal studies & will be joining the Biggest Loser challenge at my school to help me out. I look forward to additional challenges from the group.
    Goal of 80lbs to lose!!

  • demonadesmin
    Hey guys, I'm Traci, hailing for Rockville, MD. I weight 208, trying to get down to 180 and then 160. Been jogging, doing yoga, palites ad eating right, but kinda having a hard time, hopefully someone can give me better advice of losing weight.
  • Tammi623
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    Hey everyone, my name is Tammi and I’m 20 years old from Bowie MD. I weigh 206. I’m new to the site and just finding my way around. I am a 3rd year college student so I get the brunt of the late night eating, all nighters, and stress (u know all the stuff your NOT suppose to do when your trying to lose weight and be healthy lol)
  • ondogirl
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    Duh, I've been a member of this group for awhile and forgot to introduce myself!

    I am another federal worker. I live in Waldorf, MD and work in D.C. Feel free to friend me, my diary is open...the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Reynasandoval
    Hello everyone, My name is Reyna. im 20, I live in howard county. My goal is to weigh 150lb... My s/w was 290... Now im 263.....
    Im pretty new to the site....

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  • GFreg
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    A bunch of the earlier members probably already know me, but we are growing a lot so I thought I would say hi again. Im glad to see so many DMV people. My name is Greg, and I live in Rockville, MD. I enjoy hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, climbing but I have let myself get to the point where my weight makes it hard to do most of the things I love doing.
  • TBoom915
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    Hello, I have been on MFP for a while, but this year I have really made the decision to change my life. My name is Tawndra, I am 29, from Clinton, MD. I started my journey at 278, I am now 237 and my goal is 145. I look forward to this new journey.
  • TyB73
    TyB73 Posts: 39 Member
    Hey, I'm Ty. I live in Upper Marlboro, MD.
  • 1WorkoutAtATime
    what up, DMV fitpal

    born and raised D.C now living in MD...
  • garlic7girl
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    I hope ya'll newbies that just joined come out to the bowling event in March! I am Forestville or Distric Hts...I get mail for both.
  • Rohbean
    Rohbean Posts: 45 Member
    Hi everybody! I just joined the group today. I'm in Capitol Heights, MD.

    Looking to lose between 35 and 50 pounds. Man, that would be awesome. :smile:

    Food: So far, I've been tracking my food since January 31st, 2012 and have been doing pretty well with staying under 1,500 calories (most days, anyway).
    Fitness: I've gone interval walking/running a couple of times (last Sunday and yesterday), and my first fitness goal is to work my way up to running a mile and being alive at the end of it.
  • timaeus_drache
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    Hi! I'm from the Eastern Market area (say hi if you see me out running!), and I've been going at this seriously for about a week now.
  • j3nnij3n
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    Hi! I'm Jen! I'm excited about losing weight and getting into shape! I live in NOVA!
  • smurfette75
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    Hi, I'm Leslie...originally from Charlotte, NC but been in MD for the past 13 years. Currently in Owings Mills (Baltimore County).
  • horror_hamster
    So many new faces! HELLO EVERYONE!!

    as a group, we struggle to keep up with postings, so if you ask a question and don't get a response right away, do not fret! It's not that we dont want to help, just some of us forget to check here more than 1-2 times per week (<raises hand> guilty party right here)

    I'm so happy to see you all here!