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  • It doesn’t really make sense and likely something is syncing wrong. At your height and weight and activity level, your target calories of 1200 don’t seem right unless your goal is to lose 2 or 3 or more lbs a week?
  • OP, is it you in your profile pic? Even without considering the profile pic, most people’s advice will - should - boil down to “the only thing wrong with you is your perception of your body”. You seem to be healthy, sporty and of ideal weight. That is absolutely fantastic and worth celebrating.
  • I’d really check the logging first. You are saying you are losing about 1/2 lb per week, so you seem to be in the right kind of deficit for a nice slow and steady loss - but it also makes it more likely you are eating more than you are accounting for.
  • The amount of fat in salmon varies enormously, so I think it’s right that some types might be much more calorific than some other, leaner types.
  • Maybe slightly larger servings of the food you prepare for dinner might stop him from snacking? Overeating often comes from undereating, in a sense.
  • To the OP - based on what others have written about your diary, I echo the other poster who suggested you cook your own meals from scratch. Do you have access to a fridge, freezer and a basic cooker? That’s really the main precondition. Everyone can find time to prepare meals, and everyone can learn how to cook. Everyone…
  • At your current weight, 5 lbs in 3 weeks is SUPER FAST. I’m not sure it’s even possible to achieve a deficit sufficient to lose 3lbs per week at your relatively low weight. Also, seriously, what good would giving up do? Think about it all in the long term, what changes do you need to make to get to and maintain a lower…
  • It took me a year and a half to lose 21kg and get to a BMI of under 23. The great news is, this was one and a half years ago, and I’m still maintaining this weight. Because losing weight slowly, at the rate of about 1kg per month, is fantastic preparation for maintenance. If you are losing about 1kg per month, then your…
  • Its all very silly indeed. I don’t even understand the recommendation not to drink water during meals. How about water contained in soups, stews, yogurt, milk, fruit, and other liquid foods people have been eating for centuries? How is that any different?
  • Did you by any chance travel to a different time zone? I had huge issues with synchronising MFP and Fitbit when I travelled to the States from the UK last year. I can’t quite remember why, but maybe one of them adjusted zones automatically and the other didn’t, or something like that? I then manually set the time zone on…
  • I never tried Huel, nor I’m intending to. I only know of it as my Facebook has been bombarded with adverts for it. On one hand, I know it’s not for me - I’m a foodie that enjoys real food too much, and I have a restaurant at work where I can buy great and cheap food for my lunches. So it’s really not for me. I can imagine…
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  • When I lost about 50 lbs in weight, I lost about 10 inches of my waist (from about 38 to about 28) but only about two or three inches off my hips, which are still about 38 inches at 5’5’’ and 138lbs. My hips are just really wide. My clothes, in American sizes, are mostly 6s, with some 4s, depending on how they are fitted.…
  • I love potatoes and they are not in any way harming my weight maintenance. I particularly like new potatoes, just steamed without any oil or a small drizzle of olive oil (I’d typically eat about 250g of new potatoes with about 5ml of olive oil as one dinner portion, accompanying chicken or fish). I also love cubed potatoes…
  • You’ve had four kids??? You look AMAZING! From my perspective you have absolutely nothing to worry about and a fantastic figure to be proud of.
  • My Fitbit is reasonably accurate with calories it gives me for walking - but it will give me only a small amount of additional calories. I regularly walk 10000 steps a day, and that gives me about 320 or so calories on top of the sedentary setting, bringing my total maintenance allowance from about 1620 to about 1950. I’m…
  • Exactly! I came here to post something similar. To me the idea of promoting eating only wild caught fish comes across as selfish and environmentally unaware.
  • There was a debate about this in another thread some seven months ago when I was at home ill and I had a lot of free time. I downloaded the data, publicly available, about the height and weight of all Olympic athletes that competed in Rio. Guess what - it was a tiny minority that had a BMI over 25. Most had a BMI in the…
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  • And that’s why I was keen to post my data - my curve zig zags a lot, but it’s very clear what the trend line is amongst all the zig zagging.
  • Pinuplove beat me to it - being female definitely has something to do with it, and my penchant for salty food like sushi with soy sauce. But it’s also that I deliberately don’t try to eat exactly at maintenance every day - I try to be about 200 calories below maintenance on some days, so I can save these calories and be…
  • A sushi chef, and a sushi conveyor belt installed in my new fancy house. Lots of smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked eel and other smoked fish. A lot of of my lottery winnings would also be spent on visiting good restaurants around the world. I think I’d need to set some of the money aside for a personal trainer to…
  • I eat my lunch in the work restaurant every day, and I often eat out at weekends. I’ve been successfully maintaining my weight for a year now. I have to estimate my food a lot, but I’ve clearly learned to do it well enough. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong for any individual food item, it really only…
  • My cholesterol also increased from borderline high to high after I lost 50 lbs, going from a BMI of 30 to a BMI of under 23. I feel that’s very unfair! I’m about to see a specialist about it, so I don’t yet have recommendations on how to manage it.
  • I've seen it promoted as the food of the future, but, no way. Not for me, unless I was seriously starving, and I might actually sooner gnaw my arm off than eat insects. I happily eat prawns and shrimp, so it's not necessarily a rational decision on my part, just a strong visceral aversion. I watched a BBC documentary about…
  • A million times this! The problem with asking strangers for advice is that some people have no qualms about dishing out advice, even when they are misinformed or just plain wrong. And you really don't want wrong advice when you have heart issues.
  • If this helps, have a look at my 2.5 years chart. See all the tiny bumps? Each of them was my weight temporarily going up. See the overall downward trend? That's my weight actually going down, despite all the tiny bumps. So, perfectly normal. I've now been in maintenance for a year. This doesn't mean my weight is always…
  • I'm 42, 5'5, and have been maintaining around 137-139 lbs for a year now. My sedentary maintenance is around 1600-1700, and my active maintenance (I do 11000 steps a day) is about 2000.
  • Well yes, I clicked some of the links. I still have no idea how oil, a bit of tofu, seeds and a couple of ounces of vegetables a day (any more and you’re over the carb limit for keto) translate to a full day’s menu that’s fit for human consumption. I barely understand non-vegan keto. But this just seems so bonkers.
  • Can someone please enlighten me by saying what a day of food might look like on vegan keto, as I don't even comprehend what it might be. Vegan protein powder mixed with vegetable oil?