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  • Based on where Americans get most of their calories looks like simple added sugars, non-healthy fats com out pretty high. What Americans Eat: Top 10 sources of calories in the U.S. diet Grain-based desserts (cakes, cookies, donuts,…
  • Greta means that PackerJohn sometimes fat fingers on a phone keyboard when trying to type "great".
  • Greta to get some work in. Sorry though but if the exercise isn't particularly difficult, it's doubtful you are burning 1000 calories in an hour.
  • Plus the cup of coffee was black or maybe some cream and sugar adding maybe 100 calories, not the 500+ calorie things Starbucks and others pass off as coffee.
  • This. Meal timing around workouts is not a big deal for most people.
  • Expanding on my disagreement/unpopular opinion. I just find it odd that the "regulars" pooh-pooh the guidelines of these organizations regarding added sugar, but virtually high five posts from a guy that posts pictures of the obscene quantities of high calorie nutrient poor food he is supposedly consuming and still keeping…
  • Your response is exactly what my original disagreement was. The USDA/WHO/AHA guidelines say people should limit added sugar not "people except those that track on MFP and think they are doing okay should limit added sugar". You mention watching macros, the carbs number on MFP doesn't tell one if their carb intake is made…
  • Actually the USDA/WHO/AHA guidelines on sugar don't really call out diabetes prevention and don't say these recommendations aren't just for those overweight/obese. Is losing weigh important of course. These organization's recommendations based on the research say that consuming fewer added sugars is a big bang for the buck…
  • No kid (unless they have a physical disability) should have a battery powered ride on toy.. Why encourage childhood obesity?
  • As I mentioned earlier the PF TV ads I see are the exact videos that have been posted in this discussion. There is no mention of pricing and convenience in those.
  • It's true, it's a general guide and tracking bodyfat % is better. However, if you're working with general pop clients I bet you don't find a lot of people with an obese or high overweight BMI and a low bodyfat %. IMO, for most of the population the measures will result in the same classification.
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  • Actually as a male with 25% bodyfat you are in the obese range
  • I've read a few articles from this guy, he has a tough love writing style. He could have easily substituted "motivation", "reason" or "a why" for ghosts and success for loser. I think that would just made this one of those "oh you have to have a some motivation if you are to succeed at something" articles. Yeah no kidding.…
  • I am watching US ads, broadcast TV. The PF videos posted on this thread are the exact ads I'm seeing. Have never seen one that talks about their hours.
  • Posters saying to not be concerned about intake of added sugars even though the WHO, USDA, American Heart Association etc all say their intake should be limited.
  • Second the bolded. Also, any Chinese buffet I've been in has pretty crappy quality food.
  • Not sure what TV you're seeing but all the national ads I've seen are the videos posted here which don't mention cost or hours. There may be some local ads that just focus on price and 24 hours (probably the case as not all PFs are 24/7). The national ads I've seen all start with examples of what PF considers examples…
  • Usually go to Walmart. 4 miles from my house Walmart, Jewel. Sam's Club, Aldi, Meijer and Kroegers are all within a half mile of each other so plenty of options.
  • Which to me is pretty stupid in the weight area of a gym when you're normally within 100 ft at the most of a drinking fountain. End of rant, carry on.
  • OP as others have mentioned you can lose weight with diet alone. You will be more likely for success if you incorporate some extra movement in addition. Due to your starting weight make sure your medical provider is aware of and approves any exercise plan. Best of luck.
  • Not being sarcastic at all, just pointing out my perception that PF advertising is actually pretty judgmental/hypercritical. They are paying a lot of money to their ad agency to put out just the message they want. I also noticed you don't see anyone over 40 in their TV ads either. The website/advertising materials for my…
  • The testing isn't that accurate. You are most likely pretty close to the range where you started.
  • The bolded would be my concern since as others have mentioned 60-100 bpm is considered the normal range for resting heart rate absent other conditions.
  • I believe most commentators on here realize that there are people that work hard and make significant progress at PF. I personally know several. People are taking issue with the advertising that implies all other gyms are full of "mean people" and PF is the only safe place out there.
  • It's interesting that the PF ads shown don't have any obviously overweight/obese people as the main character or using the equipment in the background while the victim of gym-intimidation tells their story to the PF rep. If you go in my mean, intimidating gym any time of the day you will see overweight/obese people going…
  • I belonged to a gym that was owned by a bronze medalist in Olympic Weight Lifting. The only weights dropped in his gym were specifically designed to be dropped and they were dropped on a lifting platform. Anyone throwing or dropping weights in a "look at me" manner was out the door, no second chance. He only had to do it…
  • Might not like this answer but a bit of tough love. You might need to learn to not be super picky and eat like an adult. What's more important, your health or a distaste for certain items that you can learn to at least tolerate? Best of luck.
  • Many people can't access locally produced items. They might be a bit better, but eating fruits, veggies, etc from any source will get most of benefits.
  • Truth is truth but it doesn't always sell.
  • Few definitions of lunk from the web: Lunk The root word in the more commonly known term: Lunkhead. A word used to describe someone of low intelligence and usually of a portly stature. see dullard or dolt A heavy, stupid fellow. Can you believe that? That stupid lunk just cut me off! Look at that lunk, he dripped ketchup…