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  • So you've lost a pound a week on average. So in reality no issue other than your mind not excepting the non linear part of weightloss. Keep doing what your doing and stop looking for issues where there are none . Good luck
  • Sounds like the issues are yours not his
  • You did two things wrong * Used instant oatmeal * Added Protein Powder Just have normal oatmeal and don't get too obsessed about protein you are unlikely to need. If you want more protein in your oatmeal add some chia or hemp seeds
  • Are you thirsty? If you are drink more, if you're not well it's enough
  • If you're thirsty drink, if not don't it's that simple. Your food is around 70% water
  • Eating healthy is far more than lots of Protein both fats and carbs are also important. This over obsession with protein gets a little silly. Protein is important but so is a balanced diet... Just saying
  • The majority of your weight loss will be water weight. As soon as you add carbs back the weight will come back on, Sorry. If you are eating at a calorie deficit you will lose weight no matter what.
  • Well you didn't get over weight eating 1200 calories or less so you can eat more. However I would guess in all likelihood you're eating more than you think. Generally peoples calorie counting sucks and is full of inaccuracies. If you are really eating what you say you are one day wont kill you but long term and continual…
  • The reason your doctor told you that was in that the majority of people greatly underestimate their calorie intake. My guess is even though your convinced that you were counting accurately you weren't and I'm also guessing you are not really eating as little as you think. As for the OP my question is how did you get…
  • Are you ill? That's a lot of vitamins in all likelihood you don't need.
  • You should have enough glycogen stores for 90 minutes to 2 hours so in reality your normal diet should sufficiently fuel you for 6 miles. So I'd have a look at your overall diet. Are you eating enough overall calories daily? Are you getting a good balance of macros. Personally I would never eat any thing special for 6…
  • What does it say on the packet?
  • In that case a large proportion of successful elite coaches of many sports would be in your opinion no good. Your choice and your opinion but judging people on appearance instead of experience and results is just blinkered and could mean losing out on valuable experience and knowledge. Bad advice is bad advice no matter if…
  • What a terrible metaphor just because someone has spots would not mean they are a bad dermatologist. They could have a condition that is difficult to treat by anyone no matter how good. Maybe they became a dermatologist due to their issues. In the same way someone may work at a gym because of their personal issues. I've…
  • it's a bit of a strange questionnaire as you are asking the assumption people have problems reaching their goals. Also the assumption that people have specific health/fitness goals not everyone does. You need more specifity and aimed at your customers not randoms on the internet s others the words Hollistic and wellness…
  • What's an unhealthy food?
  • So to summerise ' Stop this dieting madness by following this diet' :p
  • That's a pretty pointless graphic. All it says is that those more well off are doing what' they classify as exercise'. In reality a lot of those less well off are more likely to be doing more manual based work so they may be getting their exercise in another way. Going to a gym or buying expensive exercise equipment is not…
  • @Horrorfox I never said that I just asked a question. Also because people do not agree with your viewpoint does not mean ignorance. It means we have an opinion and don't immediately except some spoonfed you tube video. Also a few videos quoting a point of view and where she thinks other's science is flawed does not mean…
  • Does she have shares in supplement companies ;)
  • I think maybe your Micro managing a bit too much. Unless you have medical issues with Vitamin A as long as you eat a balanced diet there should be no issues. Also MFP is not an accurate way to monitor vitamins as they are not normally a legal requirement on food labels and as the entries on the database are mainly user…
  • MFP is a poor way to track Micro nutrients such as Iron and calcium. In many countries they are not a legal requirement on food labelling and as the database is mainly user generated they are frequently not added. Go for a varied diet and if you have any issues speak to your DR. In reality the only thing you should need to…