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  • Pinned to the top of this forum list is a link to some of the most helpful threads you’ll find on the topic. Take a look there to start. Feel free to post things like CW (current weight), GW (goal weight), description of goals or stats from the setup process like your goal for rate of loss, calorie budget, activity and the…
  • How much more are you looking to lose? That’s a lot of steps, maybe some with the happy looking dog in your pic. I know for me that last 10 or so pounds have been painfully slow, seems to be consistent with other users as well. Just curious if you’re getting close to your goal and a slow down in the rate of loss is to be…
  • Be sure to have negative calorie adjustments enabled as well. By choosing an activity level, your calorie goal is taking into account the expected burn for that level each day. If you don’t reach it, the app will adjust your intake down for the day to compensate if you have negative adjustments enabled. My preference is to…
  • Is this gonna be like the Suits thread, but reversed?
  • I’d do some interviewing. Had previously joined a national brand gym that “gave” a free consultation to new members. Guy I talked with was so full of bro-science bull shrimp I knew he was full of crapola even before I had learned anything about weight management or fitness. Eventually worked with a trainer for a while at…
  • I hope you’re in a safe and healthy situation soon. It has to be extremely hard. To go through this with a parent can be emotionally traumatic, take care of yourself. A counselor of some sort to help you wade through the roller coaster she’s put you on may not be a horrible idea. Really stressful situations like this can…
  • I had a crush on a girl when I was 16, but was just getting to know her, only really knew she was really smart as well as cute. Got invited to a birthday deal for her, I had no idea. I bought her a map of Jupiter. My friends still give me crap about that in my 40’s.
  • I would offer up that increased patience with the process will be helpful. Your goal isn’t terribly much to lose. One week weigh ins can be good, but there is a range for all of us (water weight, “in-process” digestion, etc.). Give it a bit longer than Tuesday next to decide id you’re seeing results.
  • Excellent point. I hadn’t thought of it that way before.
  • I truly hate the use of “It is what it is,” typically said with an expression that the speaker thinks conveys depth of thought. Among the most idiotic phrases ever. Makes my skin crawl to hear it.
  • If you’re using the Fitbit adjustment to your intake, then leave your MFP setting at sedentary. If you’re letting them sync but have exercise calories turned off in MFP, then your adjustment is correct. Hav fun and good luck!
  • Great work getting started! The first week or two starting out on a new way of eating for me had quite a few ups and downs. It’s a process, and can be a long one. Have faith that if you follow the plan your Dr. gave that results will follow. I had to talk myself into giving it 60 days to see where I would be and adjust…
  • From a local on a Canadian fishing trip: What do making love in a canoe and American beer have in common? They’re both *kitten* close to water.
  • Experiment with the roasts you try as well. I love a really strong flavored acidic coffee, French Roast is my go-to but dark roasts generally are my preference. If you want to get into it, try a French press for making it when you have a few minutes.
  • We did Hulu, with the package that has locals and sports (only “live” TV we watch). Works fine, don’t skimp on the internet speed, though. 3 kids, 2 teenagers so we’re pushing. Not ala carte, but save a bunch every month.
  • Suspicious that there isn’t a single peer reviewed publication cited. This is an editorial at best, not science or evidence based and disregards without commentary the mountains of verified and repeatable results. Yawn.
  • Butcher and the Boar. Nowhere else matters.
  • I hit my original goal, and decided to set another. I’ve reaches the point where exercise is very enjoyable for me, so I’m going with it. Next goals are about lean mass and strength with a bit lower body fat. It’s fun to contemplate, it’s not something I would have thought about 60 pounds ago. No more reflux, blood…
  • When your weekly loss goal is small it can be more difficult to measure progress. It can be hard to notice the progress at that rate in between the water fluctuations and digestion speed variables. It’s helped me to weigh daily and take an average for the week rather than a 1x / week weigh in. Find what works for you, but…
  • Generally, they don’t recommend guys going below 1,500 or women below 1,200 / day. My BMR is low, sounds like yours may be as well. Might help to turn on exercise calories. Caution though: most trackers and logs significantly overestimate calories burned in exercise. Good practice to only eat back a portion of them.
  • Tried IF, didn’t change my rate of loss at all overall, but my intake was further away in time from my weigh ins. If IF is helpful for you to maintain a deficit, have at it. Some people really like it. The whooshes are a great feeling. I dropped 8 lb in 3 days when I changed my exercise regimen. Felt great, but I knew darn…
  • Kind of depends on your goals. If you’re going to lift and maintain muscle during your loss, many people find higher protein is helpful. To lose weight, it’s not required. Set a reasonable goal you can execute against for a 4-6 week period. Do it well and re-evaluate your macros after that. Carbs are important for your…
  • Summers here are awesome. Winter is fine if you can figure out how to embrace the season and do stuff outside - cross country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, still taking walks, etc.. If you have kids, public schools are great and included in your sizable property tax bill. Pretty good arts, music, and restaurant scenes.…
  • Set your goal to 1 pound per week, maybe 2. You’re fairly lean to begin with so you may not get that rate. Get some movement in. Good idea to go higher than average protein goal and do some weight training if you’re up for it, goal would be to avoid losing muscle while losing - if you give up too much muscle the scale will…
  • John Snow’s abdominal scars
  • The gap in Michael Strahan’s teeth.
  • No tolerance anymore. Lost weight, never went heavy at it to begin with. Just makes me tired and screws up my macros for that day and my workout the next. I drink Diet Coke and roll with the jokes from my friends.
  • U2 Pearl Jam Aerosmith Typing this, I realize it makes me a man of a certain age. Crap, gonna go download some Cardi B or something to make me feel a bit less aged.
  • Presumably, you weren’t logging on your way up, I know I wasn’t. Seems like a good way to risk regaining. If you stall or hit a plateau, what’s your plan for working through it if you don’t have reliable data? I wish you well, eat the right portions of the food you’re eating to maintain the deficit.