House or condo?

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Has anyone owned a house and then bought a condo?
Any regrets, downfalls??


  • gamerbabe14
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    I've bought two condos. Love them both. HOAs suck though so find low HOA fees.
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    The second my youngest moves out, I’m selling the lawn mower, snowblower, raking supplies, pool care equipment, and taking back the 3-4 hours each week using all that stuff. Going to be a great day!

    Condo or townhome if you can’t guess my opinion.
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    I've owned 3 houses and 3 condos..both are good and with pros and cons. Am currently in a house and prefer a house.
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    Thanks everyone! Currently in a house and looking at a condo. It includes water garbage and sewer as well as the amenities of a clubhouse with exercise room, pool and spa etc.
    just curious about how it all works and if there’s a shock going to condo and if it’s just a glorified apartment.
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    House - without an HOA

    I don't need nobody telling me I can't have no yard car.

    Darn tootin’
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    I live in a rural suburb of Albuquerque and prefer that to being in the city. It's very quiet, little to no crime, a great small village community that helps each other, and I have an acre of land that I wouldn't want to give up. Plus, I don't need anyone telling me I can't park my car on the street or keep my camper on property or that I can't have a bbq grill, etc.

    To boot, I don't know what I would do with my two kids in a condo...they'd have nowhere to play.
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    We live in a townhouse now, and I cannot wait to get into a house. I want my own yard, my own privacy and would love to not have to worry about how loud my music is, or the damn dogs that live 20 feet from my bedroom window. I mostly want the yard though. I love growing my own food, and have very limited space where I am to do so.
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    With a condo aren't you really paying for all the amenities, utilities and maintenance through a higher cost or HOA fees?

    When I visited a condo it seemed like it might be great for a busy couple without kids and pets, single people, seniors but maybe less great for a family situation. I don't know what the cost comparison of that place was to a similar sized house in that area.
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    Cost is abput 50k less than a house. Hoa includes gRbage sewer and water along with all the clubhouse amenities and playground. Comes with a barbecue as well as 2 patios.

    Just looking to see who has lived in both and what they prefer. :)
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    This is going to be a very regional question
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    This is going to be a very regional question

    I agree. In my area there is not really a condo culture whatsoever. People own houses or rent apartments, generally speaking.

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    HOA fees are better than yard work.

    My parents have a condo in Podunk USA, but I did grow up thinking that they were a big city thing.

    Actually, I live on a boat now, which is kind of like a condo with outrageous HOA fees.
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    This is going to be a very regional question

    Probably very true. The only condos you'll find here are smack in the middle of downtown and I personally can't imagine wanting to live downtown...but I'm more of an outside, rural kinda guy so maybe it's just me.

    They also aren't a particularly good investment here either as there really isn't a condo they most often take a long time to sell and I've never seen much in the way equity.

    I just sold my old house in December and got out $60K more that what we paid for it 10 years ago and I sold it in two weeks.

    MY BIL and SIL live in Connecticut and they're getting ready to move into a 3,000 sq ft condo there which I'm sure will be very nice and a much better investment than doing so in NM.
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    House I miss having a yard and space