Lost 5lbs in 48 hrs - Intermittent Fasting

Has anyone experienced this?

I have been consistently losing weight (2lbs/week) over the last three months, and yesterday I began intermittent fasting 16/8.

At my weigh in yesterday I had lost 3lbs, and today another 2lbs.

The only change to my routine was limiting my food intake to that 8 hour block, I have even been eating more than my avg caloric intake these last few days.

Has anyone experience similar effects with intermittent fasting?

Thanks ahead of time for any input.


  • aeloine
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    HAVE you been tracking your calories over the last three months AS WELL AS the last 48 hrs?

    IMO you're either more dehydrated or you ate less sodium. Have you been drinking during your IF?

    I have been tracking all my calories religiously over the last 3 months as well as the last 48hrs.

    I am not drinking more water than usual, I normally avg 8-12 cups per day.

    My sodium intake also is not that different that it usually is.

    I expect I will have more info once I continue with this routine for two weeks.

    So how much higher is your caloric intake?
  • deimosphoebos
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    Like 500ish more than I aim for. I aim to eat 2400 cals a day, and with my current activity levels that is a 1000 calorie deficit. The last 3 days I've had an intake of 3000-3200 cals
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    My diary is public if you guys want to take a look at it
  • deimosphoebos
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    It happens. These are just blips. I lost and regained 5 lbs in the past 3 days. If you've been eating more, it's possible that your stress hormones went down and along with them some chronic water retention. It also appears you've been less active unless you haven't logged your exercise in the past couple of days. That too can lead to the shedding of some water weight.

    My activity has not decreased, I just turned off my exercise calories. I'm letting my FitBit track that data.
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    But seriously: I have had up to 5lb fluctuations from a number of things, notably a long (multi-hour) endurance effort.
  • deimosphoebos
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    But seriously: I have had up to 5lb fluctuations from a number of things, notably a long (multi-hour) endurance effort.

    My fluctuations normally don't go beyond 2lbs. The last time I had a drop like this was when I began my journey (I lost 10lbs in 6 days).
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    Nice...5 pounds!
    I have experienced eating low calorie many days in a row and all of a sudden one day i over eat my goal by at least 500. The very next day i drop a couple of pounds.
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    I agree about IF...it is just an eating schedule. I have an early supper on average so done by 5:30 then nothing else for the rest of the night..then I just skip breakfast and don't eat until lunch which is about 11:30 ish give or take.

    I know lots of people who do not have weight issues and I find that they seem to all have some of the same habits, i.e. not eat after supper, skip breakfast or just have a smoothie for breakfast, etc.
    AnvilHead wrote: »
    I am extremely interested in this diet plan.

    I believe you can lost a significant amount of weight and fat but I’m not sure about the long term effect. I don’t think you can eat normally again because your body is already accustomed to the diet. Unless, you are going on intermittent fasting for the rest of your life?

    I’ve actually tried a similar diet called OCD, it’s a diet where you can eat anything from 1pm - 5pm and then fast. I lost 2kg in a week. But due to my low blood plessure, I quit the diet and my weight bounce back.

    It's just changing your eating schedule. What's the big deal about long term effects? It's like if you skipped breakfast for a few years and then decided you weren't going to skip breakfast anymore.

    People are making IF seem like it's some huge life-changing deal when it's nothing of the sort. You're eating one less meal and cramming the calories into a shorter time frame for the rest of the day. If your body can adjust to that, surely it can un-adjust to it just as easily if you ever decide not to do it anymore.

    You can lose a significant amount of weight and fat on any diet which involves consuming less calories than you expend. Because that's how weight loss works.

    Exactly....it is definently not radical! I am usually done supper by 5:30 p.m. and then have nothing else for the rest of the evening, then bedtime, then I skip breakfast.

    Great if you can get a workout in as while before you start eating again.