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  • INXS - Kick tour 1988 or so. First real concert, awesome performance. Long time ago, far, far away. I’ve always expected awesomeness from Australians ever since. The definition of cool!
  • Grilling chicken. I can do a mean steak, but chicken is my nemesis. My 13 y/o daughter calls it “Dad’s Frequently Edible Chicken” when I attempt to grill it. That, And not being an introvert around new people.
  • Along those lines, I’ve always wanted to be able to teleport places instantly, or apparate for any Potter fans. Would solve for much of the time, and probably some cash. You’re on your own with the kittens, though.
  • To stay focused on keeping after my own issues and not get caught up worrying about it house of my co-workers. This too shall pass.
  • Not the right order, but really wanted to have this line: “I get sprung...”
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  • The people watching alone is worth it. Only works as a community thing. Don’t stream it, that would likely be awful.
  • Time to rewrite the past. Could be hilarious as a full grown adult. Buy popcorn in the lobby on the way in.
  • Talk about someone for the intimidation thread. A league of her own. Major bummer!
  • Does that mean you’re her with a new name?
  • Noob to the forums. Don’t want to know anything about a ban, but where is the Sabotage lady? She is hilarious.
  • Avacado is right as always. You either mean it or you don’t. Let’s do this.
  • “A locked door on a candy store, is what you are” is what immediately came to mind. Paul Carrack, 1987. It was a horrible year in music. I loved every verse.
  • There was something else I thought of today that was perfect for this thread. I forgot what it was in the intervening 3 hours, which fits as well.
  • I lost the ability to sleep-in even on the rare days it’s even an option. I get jealous of my 17 year old son when he gets up at 10:00 AM somedays, bleary eyed from too much sleep. That was a great feeling.
  • Man...everyone knows the %s vary on an hourly time frame...TWC app, get with the program [/quote] The live weather radar in a thunderstorm is the best.
  • First five steps every morning are like a bowl of Rice Krispies. The worst to date has been when I had to buy a nose hair trimmer. Serious humility moment.
  • I think the difficulty of admitting our flaws is in part also that it conflicts with a usual belief, for most of us, that we are not hypocrites. To know you should do something, but still not do it (or the corollary) is to be somewhat hypocritical or at the very least is a failure of logical reasoning. I raise my hand as…
  • I grill 5 chicken breasts on Sunday afternoon and bring them with various toppings - salsa, spicy mustard, bbq sauce, 57, and the like. Fill in if hungry in the afternoon with a Quest bar I keep in my laptop bag. Lets me enjoy dinner with the family in about any way I please.
  • Someone else posted this, wish I remember who. If you get one flat tire, would you go slash the other 3 since you can’t drive right away anyhow? If yes, find the donuts. If no, forgive yourself the issue for today and think great thoughts about what you’ll accomplish tomorrow.
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  • Sounds like DOMS for your upper body, which can be really uncomfortable but typically passes quickly. Keep an eye on it to be sure you’re sore and not injured- that’s a whole other thing, as you know. There is an activity level setting in MFP that you can set that will adjust your calorie goals. If you were losing weight…
  • Challenge accepted. Tomorrow is donut day at the office. It’s become a weekly battle of discipline and lack thereof, rationalizations, and sometimes quickened pulse from the sugar rush. The only winner seems to be the bakery.
  • Zumba can be pretty fun, makes the time go by way faster than some other cardio methods. Some instructors can show alternate steps or mov s that raise or lower intensity. Might be worth asking the instructors if there are modifications that might help. I hope your thoughts spend a great deal more time thinking about the…
  • This may sound more harsh than I would speak it. If you’re home from college, you’re over 18 and an adult. Don’t tell your mom what’s on your scale unless you WANT to. The advice on pacing earlier is spot on. Your freshman year was not 2 months long, why would you (or she, in this case) expect it’s reasonable to undo in a…
  • Don’t know if the photo will make it.