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I've been having a bit of trouble lossing weight recently. When I came home from college I learned that the freshman 15 wasn't a myth ( :'( ), and I've been trying to shed weight since. Unfortunately, after losing 8 pounds due to stress-starving right after being home, I haven't lost any weight in the month since. Other than eating 800 calories (or fewer) per day, are there any other efficient methods to fast weight loss? (Not including ripping off my arms Most Popular Girls in School style)


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    Fast weight loss doesn't necessarily equal healthy weight loss.
    Especially if you don't have much to lose. Some morbidly obese people can lose at a faster rate though.

    Remember that your heart is a muscle. When you eat too few calories your muscles can be used .

    Have you ever heard of skinny fat ? ( Someone who is kinda thin but has saggy skin, drooping hanging swinging flab ) that's what could happen if you eat too few calories.

    I wouldn't play around with fast weight loss. Instead I'd learn how to eat at a responsible deficit and learn the tools for lasting success like moderation and Portion Control.
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    That's about it. But fast weight loss is dangerous and should not be done unless you are being closely monitored by a doctor. Pick a sustainable rate of loss (~half a pound a week) and do it in a healthy way.
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    If all you are trying to lose is less than 10 lbs, there is no way to lose it fast without doing something unhealthy and potentially dangerous. You should be aiming to lose 0.5lb per week.

    kimny is right....again. She's always right.

    You probably lost a bunch of water by "stress starving". Now, if you continue to rush, you'll compound the problem thinking that should have been sustainable. With 10 pounds to lose, you don't have any healthier option than to take it slow. Time is actually your best friend.

    If you desire to change your body shape, then lift (heavier the better) - you may find that your "freshman 15" will be a bonus and not a detriment - if you chase measurements and not scale numbers.
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    If you desire to change your body shape, then lift (heavier the better) - you may find that your "freshman 15" will be a bonus and not a detriment - if you chase measurements and not scale numbers.

    I wish my mom had the same opinion bc she cares more about the numbers on the scale more than how they are attained, hence the need for rapid weight loss (she didn't question how I dropped over a pound a day for a week lmao).
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    Ok, so I rarely comment, but OP? Be healthy for you and you only. Don't do this to make someone else happy. You deserve to be happy and healthy, and that should be the only reason. If your mom is pressuring you to lose weight just based on how she wants you to look, that is not a good enough reason. I'm not downplaying any health concerns or the fact that it does seem that you also would like to lose the weight. Just do it because you are worth investing your time in, not because you are told that you are somehow worth less because of a few pounds.
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    If you lose the weight fast you won't learn anything and your freshman 15 can easily turn into a sophomore 30+. Not only is losing weight slowly safe it is also more educational. You will learn to eat within a reasonable calorie goal which may help you stay at a comfortable weight once you get to your goal.

    Oh and just to make sure you are amply scared eating too little will likely result in hair loss.