If you can't eat to your calorie goal

glassyo Posts: 6,453 Member
Or just don't want to....

I'll take 'em. I'll take 'em all.

Because, let me tell you, even trying to maintain on an average of 2400 calories a day, I could still eat more.

I did not lose my appetite along with the weight. :)


  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,453 Member
    That wasn't the direction I thought this thread was going.

    I'll fight you for them... I'd gladly eat more!

    Yup! It could have been a helpful post but....nahhhhhhh. :)
  • try2again
    try2again Posts: 3,564 Member
    I've had an intestinal bug the last couple of weeks and only had 1 day <1200.
  • deannalfisher
    deannalfisher Posts: 5,601 Member
    3300 here today and I’ll be starving in the am
  • gophermatt
    gophermatt Posts: 129 Member
    Challenge accepted. Tomorrow is donut day at the office. It’s become a weekly battle of discipline and lack thereof, rationalizations, and sometimes quickened pulse from the sugar rush.

    The only winner seems to be the bakery.
  • julie_bee_123
    julie_bee_123 Posts: 24 Member
    It's been sooooo hot here that I am not as hungry as usual. I didn't hit 1200 today because it's like ten billion degrees. Normally I have no trouble.
  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,903 Member
    That wasn't the direction I thought this thread was going.

    I'll fight you for them... I'd gladly eat more!

    And wouldn't you earn more activity calories if you were fighting for them? Bonus!!
  • hesn92
    hesn92 Posts: 5,964 Member
    Lol yes! Every time I see a “I can’t eat all my calories” post my eyes roll so hard
  • Pipsqueak1965
    Pipsqueak1965 Posts: 397 Member
    Me too! I could easily eat twice my current (not very blinking big) cutting allowance. And all of your allowances too :D
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,145 Member
    Maintenance calories of 2700, and I could still eat more! I hear ya.
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 529 Member
    I'm pretty sure I could eat mine and about 3 others!
  • VUA21
    VUA21 Posts: 2,073 Member
    Totally can't fathom the whole "I can't meet my 1200 calorie goal" thing... Also, I'm pretty sure you can cause that's kinda what landed you on MFP

    LOL!!!! Seriously. Unless I am really sick (rare, but a nasty stomach bug will leave me in a severe deficit for a day or two), I have to really watch myself from going over. Going under has never been my problem.

    Although I have spoken to a single person that legitimately has a hard time hitting 1200; severe muscular issues that leave him wheel chair bound and has a difficult time with food. He also knows he's underweight and asks for the best very high calorie supplements that are easy on being swallowed.