The Worst Gift



  • dbanks80
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    Any type of clothing. I do not like my husbands taste in clothes for me. I had to tell him several times PLEASE stop dressing me. He got it after a few years into our marriage.

    But I have to say he has excellent taste in bags and shoes!
  • ilfaith
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    Years ago my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner for my birthday. Not just any vacuum, but the heaviest, most cumbersome thing to drag around the house. And it that it didn’t even suck very well.

    A few years later we moved to a house with a built in central vac system. The old vacuum is stashed in the attic somewhere.
  • gophermatt
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    I had a crush on a girl when I was 16, but was just getting to know her, only really knew she was really smart as well as cute.

    Got invited to a birthday deal for her, I had no idea. I bought her a map of Jupiter.

    My friends still give me crap about that in my 40’s.
  • Deadman_Diggingup
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  • Deadman_Diggingup
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    This is a wonderful thing, yes?!
    ETA, nvm forgot what thread I was in

    Hahahaha gave this to my ex husband for Father’s Day. While sobbing. With my then 4 year old repeatedly asking why we got daddy a thermometer.

    I kid, I kid... I like the small humans. The skinny blonde one is sort of funny, and the bigger one seems kinda bright. The little diaper wearing one might be alright too I guess... a treasure they are.
  • Adc7225
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    I had someone give me a fragrance . . . then asked how I liked it and mentioned that his mother really liked it :|
  • beagletracks
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    newmeadow wrote: »
    My mother put a bottle of minty green Scope in my Christmas stocking. My wrapped present was a package of knee high nylons, twin pack, sheer hue. She was generous that way.

    On my 10th birthday all mom got me was a pink beach towel from the grocery store. Sad times.