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  • Nah, it hasn't helped many people, only tens of thousands. :)
  • Go out the door and walk.
  • I love Old Rag, the advice is always the same for popular trails, start early. I always try to hit the trail at sunrise or earlier. By the time you are coming down you will be passing a lot of people going up. The scramble area of Old Rag can actually have traffic jams on weekends. Of course the Appalachian Trail runs the…
  • Go to your local college or high school track. You will find people walking and people running. Pick a distance like say three miles. Walk a lap, run a lap, walk a lap until you get in three miles total. Keep doing the walk, run, walk, several times a week and in a few months you will be running the entire distance.
  • A tossed salad has so few calories accuracy isn't the same concern as some other calorie dense food. I just used tossed salad 150 calories plus whatever dressing I am using. The calorie density is in the dressing, not the greens.
  • WAIT A MINUTE! Where are you located? Your profile says you are 19 years old. The legal drinking age is 21in the USA. I realize there are people on the forum that are not in the USA, but most are.
  • No worries, the sugar in fruit is together with an adequate amount of fiber. Processed foods have the sugar but no fiber.
  • This is a forum, every post is an opinion, including yours. Your opinion is no more valuable than anyone else. You are nothing but a child, you have no concept of the long term damage that can be caused. But don't worry, you'll probably get older and wiser.
  • I don't wear a tracker so don't count steps. That is figured into my normal activity level. For walks I use Runkeeper. For bicycling and runs I use Strava.
  • I don't understand the negativity, waist trainers are every bit as useful as sauna suits and tin foil hats.
  • From the BooTea website; "We have never and will never tell you that Bootea alone is a magic formula to meet your weight loss goals."
  • I just glanced at your diary for the last week. You never had that amount left and most days you are actually overeating. Are you reading something wrong or am I?
  • To enjoy walking and running get off the treadmill, what are you, a hamster? Go around the block, go to a local park, head for the woods, find some companions.
  • If you are in an apartment that has unsafe living conditions and the owner isn't responsive, you should contact the local health department and housing services. The owner of the property is legally required to provide a safe environment. If able financially, you really need to move immediately. Can you put a price tag on…
  • There is nothing normal or desirable about detoxing. Do yourself a favor and toss those pills in the trash. At best they will provide no benefit and at worst they could be harmful.
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  • I did all the basic stuff, podiatrist, orthopedist, orthotics, physical therapy, night splint but finally beat it when I ignored all the professionals. What I did is start walking barefoot every opportunity I had, within a short time I gained much more flexibility in my feet and the PF pain ended. I believe that most all…
  • I like kayaking but I don't like open water, it is too boring. I like rivers, streams, and creeks.
  • I wear a single bluetooth ear bud (Plantronics model M70) in my right ear. Hopefully filling both ears with headphones is reserved only for treadmills.
  • From the manufacturer's own website; "CONTRAVE can cause serious side effects of suicidal thoughts or actions. One of the ingredients in CONTRAVE is bupropion HCl. Bupropion has caused some people to have suicidal thoughts or actions or unusual changes in behavior, whether or not they are taking medicines used to treat…
  • Every day for a year won't matter if you stay within your calorie goal.
  • NO!!!!!!
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  • Doesn't matter if it fits in your calorie goals.
  • For quality advice you should make your diary public. Otherwise all anyone can do is make wild guesses as to what you consume. Since this is primarily a weight loss forum we will assume you want to lose weight. Do you really think you got overweight by eating too little?
  • It was a joke, and about four years ago!
  • Know how you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Keep up the good work and stay motivated.
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  • More than sitting and watching television but probably less than going grocery shopping. In other words, not much.
  • The fact is that a road bike places your body into an unnatural and possibly uncomfortable position. A road bike is designed like it is to maximize aerodynamics, not comfort. Like others have suggested keep making small adjustments till you get it best it can be. Only make tiny changes and only make one at a time. It is…
  • Mozilla Firefox with ad blocker. I don't see ads - ever.
  • Side stitches are sometimes caused by spasmic breathing. Control your breathing and breath deeply. Pick a foot and a rhythm, like breath in on every second right foot strike or fourth or whatever works for you. Another trick that helps some people is to press your fist into your side as you continue to run. What you are…