Which exercise is best?

Mainly looking for home exercises or something I can do fairly close to home, I really want to make exercising fun and exciting so that I am more willing to get up and go!


  • sweetpea813
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    I was doing several group fitness classes and found myself looking at the clock and I was thinking of other things. I kept going even though I was bored. Then I tried Zumba and wow!! I was so focused on getting the moves right that I lost track of time and all of a sudden it he been an hour and the class was over! Then I looked down at my heart rate monitor and I had burned around 700 and something calories! I never burned anywhere near that in my other classes. I love it. I love the music and it is so fun once you learn the routines. And the instructor makes all the difference.
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    Do what you like to do..."best" is completely relative. I'm a cycling enthusiast...I love riding my bike...thus, I ride my bike as my primary form of exercise.
  • socioseguro
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    The one you will do consistently. Seriously, it depends on what you enjoy. I do many different activities but for me the best is hiking because I LOVE it. I would do it even if it didn't improve my health.

    Try many exercises until you find what you enjoy. Best of luck to you.

    Try different activities until you found several you love. I say several because my activities vary with the seasons ( walking for Spring and Fall, outdoor swimming for summer, boxing for winter, etc)
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    Go out the door and walk.
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    I'm on that "find something you enjoy" bus, too. (I row, which isn't necessarily close to home because I don't live on water.)

    The one thing I'd add, is that when you're "auditioning" activities to find something you enjoy, it's good to commit to doing something for a while even if you don't enjoy it at first (as long as the reason you don't enjoy it is not literally pain).

    A lot of things seem not very fun when they're new, and we mostly feel awkward/incompetent. If you commit to sticking with a new thing until you get past those "newbie blues", you're more likely to fall into something that makes you happy.

    Things you can do at home with no equipment: Bodyweight exercises (like Nerd Fitness or Convict Conditioning), internet-based fitness videos like FitnessBlender or others on YouTube, just getting up and dancing energetically to your favorite music, exercise DVDs of many types (ask people who do these what they like). There are a bunch more things you can do at home after taking a class (vs. doing with a video), too - yoga, some martial arts, etc. If you're willing to get a little equipment, you could consider weight training (check Craigslist or similar), kettlebell, exercise bike, etc.

    Things you can do near home: Walking/jogging/running, biking, maybe swimming (depending on where you live).

    Good luck finding some new activities you enjoy!
  • NorthCascades
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    Cycling is best, because it's the most fun you can have with clothes on.
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    HIIT workouts are really good - there are tonnes of HIIT workouts on Youtube (try The Body Coach)! They're super short but work really well :smile:
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    Cycling is best, because it's the most fun you can have with clothes on.

    This is kitten! Hiking is the best and you don't need clothing just shoes B)
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    If you belly dance you don't need clothes or shoes...
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    Zumba with youtube videos is best!! :smiley: