Red Wine

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Ok, I quit all alcohol March 1st. I thought weight would melt away but did not. So I joined MFP 17 days ago and lost 6 pounds so far. I've debating starting to drink a glass of red wine per day. Your thoughts??


  • beemerphile1
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    Doesn't matter if it fits in your calorie goals.
  • janejellyroll
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    Quitting alcohol will only make the weight melt away if it creates a deficit.
  • Vegplotter
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    1. If you are an older woman the British medical advice (I think) is that one small (125ml) glass of red wine a day is good for your heart.
    2. You also need to know that teetotallers don't live as long as those who drink alcohol in moderation.
    3. Alcohol has very little nutritional value and is stuffed with calories and it's sugars are very quickly metabolised by your body.
    4. Wine stimulates appetite for food and for more alcohol.
    You have to decide what food you need to keep in your diet and what foods you want to give up (permenantly or temporarily).
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    If it fits your calorie goal it is fine. The only reason I don't drink as much as I did before is if I replace 300 calories of food with 300 calories of alcohol (or any drink) then I am likely to be hungry later and out of calories. I try not to drink a lot of calories in general so now I usually just stick to one drink. Sometimes I will have a drink when I haven't hit my goal yet and I'm not really hungry for food but I need more calories.
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    It seems odd to ask others whether you should drink wine or not, but I'd say if you don't have any history of alcoholism, you can drink it and still meet your personal goals and you enjoy it yes, drink it. Why not?
  • BadAssAries
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    Make room for it in your calorie allotment. One glass a day has also been proven to have health benefits. Enjoy!
  • skinnyforhi
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    Well, you went 3 months with alcohol so clearly you can stop at 1 (which means no issue with fitting it in your calorie goals). Cheers!
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    Yes to wine, beer, vodka, bourbon.... :) As long as you maintain your planned deficit and consume in moderation.
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    If you don't have room for it try running! Running makes room for my scotch, wine and beer.
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    Have you tried Casillera Diablo carmenere? It's totally worth the calories every once in a while!
  • ekim2016
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    Thanks for all the input. I know it seems odd to ask others if I should drink, but I was baffled that stopping did not melt the pounds away. I figured the extra calories from drinking was keeping me fat... so now I know if I chose to have a glass of merlot on occasion just factor in my calories.... cut out my apple a day or whatever.
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    Red red wine, goes to my head. Makes me forget I still need to count calories.
  • ekim2016
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    still not a drop of alcohol since March 1 and the weight HAS melted off!!! thanks to that and CICO and mfp woo hoo...
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    Maybe there's an option between all and none, like once in a while. What has worked for me is drinking on occasion -- like with a nice dinner or a night out with friends. On other days, i prefer my apple.
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    I factor in a glass of red wine almost every day. It's an excellent motivator at the gym :) I can do without cookies but wine, fuggeddaboutit.
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    At one point I was drinking one glass per night, and it didn't affect my weight loss at all. I only quit because I decided I would rather eat the calories instead.
  • ekim2016
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    I decided to hold out for one full year and see where I am next March 1. I still have a wine cellar and liquor cabinet full !!! Ageing respectfully...So I will never say never to drinking again, but for now I am on a mission to get back to 185 where I was in college days. (when I started drinking)
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    ekim2016 wrote: »
    Ok, I quit all alcohol March 1st. I thought weight would melt away but did not. So I joined MFP 17 days ago and lost 6 pounds so far. I've debating starting to drink a glass of red wine per day. Your thoughts??

    I drink 2 glasses about every other night. I make sure it fits in my diary. I love red wine. It helps me calm down after a long day.