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  • I suffer from depression and i am finding it helpful to take it one day at a time.
  • Ottawa here.
  • Thanx SarahFeelingGood! I still want to make an effort, but this rollercoaster of dieting success and failure is very hard on me. I think i will concentrate on eating healthy. Thanx for letting me know your higher numbers still work. I eat too much because i feel bad and i feel bad because i eat too much! My gp was the one…
  • It's just that my life is so empty -- no partner, no family, no friends, no work, just a sweet dog. I'm chronically bored and i use food to cope with my emptiness. Such a mess!
  • I am 5'3" and 220 pounds. I am 48, female and sedentary.
  • Hmm... Thanx for the replies, everyone. I see my doctor on Tuesday on another matter and will follow up with him on whether it indeed was food poisoning.
  • Thanx Maxit and Acheben. Thanx for the link -- i hadn't noticed, but the volume on the can of the scary Internet label does not match the volume on the real can, so it must be a different product -- in oil, or something. The volume on the link you sent me DOES match, so i will chillax. I think IT is the correct one. Best…
  • I'm doing well on my diet, too, and i fear failure. I've failed at dieting MANY times in the past -- four times last year alone. One thing that has helped is to tell NO ONE about it. It's an intensely personal journey and if i decide it's not worth it, it is up to me and i don't have to explain or justify myself to anyone.
  • This is an interesting thread for me because my doctor also recommended 1200 for me and MFP says 1540. I've been trying some where in between. I've on been at it just under three weeks. I lost my first two weeks but the start of a diet i always lose easily. Tomorrow is week three weigh-in and i don't know what to expect. I…
  • Thanx for reminding me about doing eggs in the mic. I just bought some and did up three -- 18g of much-needed protein and delicious!
  • I like a free YouTube session here.
  • Good for you! You're an inspiration!
  • My strengths are that i can resist sweet things with ease and that i like working out, tho i am just a beginner. My weakness is salty, fried things like potato chips. I am also an emotional eater and narrowly escaped binging last Wednesday evening after a disappointing day. I was 90% of the way there to cooking up a big…