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What are your strengths and weaknesses?



  • Merkavar
    Merkavar Posts: 3,082 Member

    Was you post to be a strength and weakness for your husband? And yourself. Sounded like two strengths for your husband :D willpower to not eat chocolate etc and willpower to have a day off.


    My strengths hmmm... I guess I can generally not eat junk, there has been chocolate in the house for months. I could have had 10 prices a day? No one would know, but at most I would have one piece every other day.

    Sticking to a routine. Gym and kick boxing, the gym I could skip and no one would know except for me.

    A weakness, eating an entire pizza when I planned on eating half. Hawaiian chicken pizza is too good

  • apfei
    apfei Posts: 20 Member
    My strengths are that i can resist sweet things with ease and that i like working out, tho i am just a beginner. My weakness is salty, fried things like potato chips. I am also an emotional eater and narrowly escaped binging last Wednesday evening after a disappointing day. I was 90% of the way there to cooking up a big batch of homemade popcorn which i drench in real butter. I even went to the cupboard to check and see how many kernels i had left. But i managed to resist and the next morning my heart was light. Victory!
  • KrisAZ000
    KrisAZ000 Posts: 76 Member
    Strengths: I am very good at sticking to my deficit goals. Pretty much obsessively good. Even if I do make a mistake and go over, like when I was home sick and boredom ate, I will make up for it in the following days so that my week always ends exactly as it should. I've also recently gotten really good about exercising. I hit the gym 5-6 times a week.

    Weaknesses: I love processed convenience foods and have an insatiable sweet tooth. Even though my calories are always on point, my macros are a mess. I get the MFP pop-up-of-shame every day when I'm logging my food, letting me know that I've eaten more carbs and sugar than I was supposed to. I don't really care either. I'm just happy that I've learned how to balance my calories to include sweets without ruining my deficit.
  • srmeyers3
    srmeyers3 Posts: 4 Member
    Strengths: I genuinely enjoy lifting weights, love to cook healthy meals, and eat a balanced diet with fruits, veg and protein. I am generally good at sticking to the low-carb diet recommended by my doctor due to my PCOS. I am also generally good at planning what I will eat ahead of time and familiarizing myself with restaurant nutrition info, in order to not accidentally ingest wheat (to which I have an allergy). I love cooking for myself and rarely eat fast food, though I do not demonize any foods. For instance, I eat pizza in moderation regularly.

    Weaknesses: I don't enjoy working out if I don't have a partner to hold me accountable/keep me company and have no interest in cardio. I have plantar fasciitis which makes standing or walking for extended periods of time very painful, so I am much more sedentary than I would like to be. My real weakness is free food. I am a broke college student, and will eat almost anything that is free... sometimes even if it has wheat in it, and I know it will make me sick. My other weakness is having food in the house - if I have it, I will eat it. Thus, I shop almost daily in order to avoid over-eating.
  • volleygirl1980
    volleygirl1980 Posts: 121 Member
    Strengths: Love to experiment with new vegetables and really enjoy cooking. Also love exercising and challenging myself.

    Weakness: In every previous attempt to lose weight I banned certain foods (i.e. didn't beleive CICO). I changed that this time and am losing weight at a good pace while not feeling deprived - hopefully it'll stick because my big weakness is binging.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,741 Member
    Strengths: I am a MAJOR perfectionist and having any kind of rule or guideline I will stick to it pretty much exactly (such as my daily calories and macros). I'm very hyper and high energy so I move around a lot (even if it's just stuff like cleaning and walking, jumping, and/or dancing around). I like a lot of healthy foods.

    Weaknesses: I adore sweets and must have something every single day like chocolate or ice cream. I really hate exercising unless it does not feel like exercise (i.e., hiking, long walks, casual swimming). I practically have a gym phobia and haven't ever gone. I only exercise outdoors if the weather is nice (no ice/snow, between about 35 and 85 F)
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    Strengths: I am very determined and focused, complete most goals I set my mind to
    Weaknesses: ^Because of the above, I can become very one track minded, obsessive and a perfectionist
  • uvi5
    uvi5 Posts: 710 Member
    Salty snack treats, nuts, Chips and salsa, potato chips, popcorn... :blush:
  • blackcoffeeandcherrypie
    It was really fascinating to hear all your strengths and weaknesses! I never would have guessed some of them, so it's really interesting to read :-)
  • poohpoohpeapod
    poohpoohpeapod Posts: 776 Member
    I can ignore chips, meat and potatos forever. I do activity gym almost everyday for 4 years. I cannot have quest bars in the house or I will eat 2-3 per day. I have trouble with sweets in the house as well. I have food limiting issues, and am not a great planner.
  • Lissa_Kaye
    Lissa_Kaye Posts: 214 Member
    I used to have a bad problem with bingeing. Especially right before bed. I would want to eat everything and still feel hungry. I have to sleep on a pretty full stomach. I have kind of settled on a mix of paleo/adkins/whole foods diet I guess. I have cut out added sugar and processed wheat as much as possible, except for small servings like a treat or a few crackers a day, and now I don't binge and don't seem to want to. My weakness is getting up to go workout. Once I get warmed up I love it, but starting is hard for me. Unless its hiking.