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  • That it actually is possible to breathe and tie your shoes at the same time
  • i'm no longer laughing at my husband for installing a bidet in our house
  • homemade protein brownies, pre-workout cookies, yogurt and blueberries (all my snacks are the same day after day - my meals always change)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWywb9i-z7Y
  • https://portugueserecipes.ca/recipe/899/14/Portuguese-Shrimp-Potato-Gratin-Recipe
  • Forget what you've heard about carbs. Carbs are not the enemy. I lost 145 lbs in a year and i ate, and continue to eat, carbs with every meal. Every. Single. Meal. Your body needs everything and there has always been and always will be contradictory information out there. Look at the poor egg, no one can decide if eggs…
  • This is above MFPs pay grade. You need to speak to a professional who will help you overcome these issues. What you're dealing with is serious and a therapist will give you the tools and resources you need. https://nedic.ca/ https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/
  • if carbs are bad, i don't want to be good i lost 145 pounds in a year while eating, and continuing to eat, carbs at every meal.
  • Flat shoes but, according to this article, there's no need to make a special purchase: http://nattyornot.com/best-shoes-squats-deadlifts/
  • i haven't met a brussels sprout i didn't like. i love roasted them with a little olive oil and stealing all the crispy burnt ones. mmmm, burnt brussels sprouts
  • How long in maintenance: almost 3.5 years Goal maintenance range: 138-142 Current weight: 145 (looking at you camping, all i wanna do is put on bug spray and eat) Current goal: get back to 140 lbs, master the one leg deadlift Recent success: didn't eat all the cookies i made last night (just 2) Strategy for your goal: same…
  • This is one of them. This is Zuul - she's the one who started my weight loss. She had more energy than we knew what to do with when we got her. My husband said we might not be the right people for her. I insisted we become the right people. I started walking her twice a day and taking her to the dog park. She was happy and…
  • Pre-workout: homemade protein cookie Breakfast: overnight oats and coffee Snack: homemade protein brownies Lunch: leftover tuscan chicken mac and cheese Snack: yogurt and blueberries Dinner: chicken with roasted red pepper sauce, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts Dessert: frozen mango
  • Not doing something is always easier than doing something. Everything is hard until it's not. Have you ever learned a new skill? You didn't know how to do it. You learned how to do it. You probably sucked at it for a while. Then it got a little easier, and you got better, and it got easier, and you got better. Now it's a…
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  • The Dead Don't Die (it was not good)
  • Recalculate your calorie goals and ensure you're still in a deficit. The less you have to lose, typically, the smaller the deficit so it takes longer. MFP isn't always amazing at updating your target when you lose weight. Force it to recalculate.
  • I enjoy protein shakes - i add bananas and berries and the protein i buy is delicious https://ca.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-whey-protein/10852500.html (cookies and cream is my favourite flavour) that being said, you can also cook with it. i add protein powder to baked goods (i make pre-workout cookies, overnight…
  • Pretty sure you're not eating enough. I'm a 44 year old, 5'6", 140 pound woman and i'm eating more calories per day than you are (my maintenance is 2,940). This is one of the best TDEE calculators i've found: http://www.health-calc.com/diet/energy-expenditure-advanced I calculated my work out days and non-workout days and…
  • Maintaining 145 pound weight loss for almost four years. My biggest takeaway was balance. Not every day or week has to be perfect. If i end this week 1000 calories over my weekly goal, no biggie....i'll scale back a little next week to end my week 1000 calories under so i'm even steven. I think of it like using a credit…
  • Allocate more calories to Saturdays. Treat your calorie goal as a weekly one instead of daily. If you eat 2000 calories per day, that's 14000 per week. Spread them out differently so you have more to play with on saturday and still stay within your weekly goal. Eat 1800 calories Sunday to Friday and then you'll have 3200…
  • Macros are more important for meeting fitness goals - e.g. if your goal is to increase muscle mass then you'll need a higher protein intake. If your goal is to lose weight, then the caloric deficit is more important and if you hit your macros, that's a nice added benefit.
  • I was never a morning person. I could sleep until the p.m. given the opportunity. But I knew if i didn't work out in the morning it'd be really easy to find a reason to skip it. So i did the same thing - became a morning person. The first couple weeks sucked, but i stuck with it. Now, I get up at 5:30 every day, usually a…
  • You got this. I started my loss at 40 years of age and with 145 pounds to lose. It's not always easy but it's always simple. I'll be 45 in a few months and i've maintained my loss for over three years. Don't let it overwhelm you. Don't think about the 70 pounds you've gained and lost - none of that matters now. What…
  • That doctor is an idiot. A severe hormonal imbalance will make it challenging, but not impossible. So I lost roughly the amount of weight you want to lose (145 lbs lost and maintained for 3+ years) and here's the most important thing i learned....you don't have to lose 150 pounds - that's overwhelming and terrifying. You…
  • Nothing. There are enough tasty things i enjoy that are good for me so i don't have to eat anything i don't like.
  • She did a really interesting video on the 10,000 calorie challenge and how much of that actually converted to fat. It took the 10,000 calorie challenge from a scientific point of view and broke down the science of it. Definitely an interesting watch.
  • I actually hit my goal weight and then lost a few more pounds while i was trying to figure out my maintenance calories - that took longer than expected. Since i've started strength training i focus on measurements instead of weight.
  • "Starvation mode"
  • Not quite 300 but closer than i would have liked. 283 to 140. Maintaining three years. The pretty four legged lady is the reason i lost weight. Making sure she was well exercised kept us both walking.