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  • I buy hard boiled eggs- pre cooked and peeled, individual servings of guacamole, and frozen veggies. Trader Joe’s has some frozen hot wings that we haven’t tried, but they’re in the freezer for an emergency meal. And flavored cream cheese is awesome in celery.
  • When roasted broccoli starts to taste sweet to you. Seriously- nothing on it but salt, pepper, olive oil, and a bit of Parmesan cheese. I had seconds for ‘dessert.’ DH thought I was crazy.
  • Thought of another one... when you dip pork rinds in guacamole
  • ...when you wake up in the morning with chapped lips, and they feel so much better after your mug of butter coffee.
  • It’s great, isn’t it? So glad it’s happening to others too. When I was only counting calories, but not counting carbs, I would sometimes feel full 10 to 15 minutes after eating, but I COULD have continued if I’d wanted. When the keto switch flips, eating is not possible for hours.
  • Highest Weight: 280 Prepregnancy Weight: 240 Hoping to gain: Approx. 15 Lbs ( a little more than .5 pounds a week from here on out) Week 8: 240 Week 12: 235 Week 17: 236
  • Wow! I am completely blown away by all of the wonderful advice on here. Thank you to everyone who responded. I absolutely plan to breastfeed, although I know that it doesn't always work out for every mom who'd like to do that. I also will try baby-led weaning when the time comes so that my little one develops a taste for…
  • KThompson- thank you for that really thoughtful post. I agree as well that the example we set for our kids is super important. I learned my bad habits at home and they were hard to break. I'm looking forward to cooking with my little one too- just as soon as he or she is old enough! And I think Hubby and I will have to be…
  • But what about Mountain Dew? :wink: Just kidding, of course. Hubby and I don't drink soda and choose our sugar carefully.
  • Thanks for your post! I hadn't thought about introducing solid foods yet (I've got a few months to go) but I really like the idea of baby-led feeding.
  • I've tried a few different protein powders, and the whey always made me gassy. The egg white protein powder was my favorite, but it was super pricey.
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  • Try googling 'habits of skinny people' to get some good advice. There are people who tend to stay thin without logging. They do things like having really regular food routines (a few go-to breakfasts and lunches like another poster mentioned), they order a la carte at restaurants (think just a sandwich if you're doing fast…
  • I might not change mine then. It's hard to hit micros on a good day.- I have some food aversions lately and a love of carbs. I avoided wheat before my pregnancy, but lately I've been loving my spaghetti (3 dinners this week!) I try to balance it out with a protein-rich veggie-filled sauce, but it's not something I would…
  • Great work! I love that the baby gets bigger as you get smaller. :) too cute
  • I had a hearty helping of veggies with every meal today! Veggie and sausage scramble at breakfast, a nice green salad with lunch, and I'm about to chow down on a side of broccoli with dinner. I'm making a goal to have veggies with every meal for the next week.