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  • And the results are in! My A1C is 5.3 - awesome after going on a binge from September till Mid-April and being back in the woe April-June. My TSH is still low at 0.08, everything else is in the green. My Doc is thrilled with my weight loss in the past 2 months and wants to leave my synthoid where it is for now. We'll…
  • I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid at 8 years old, I am now 41 and taking 200 mcg of Synthroid. I have been fortunate throughout my life that when I have made an effort to eat reasonably and exercise I have been able to lose weight. I do believe I have to work a little harder at it to see results but not to a vast degree.…
  • I just broke an unplanned 20 hour fast. I enjoyed a large, super nutritious lunch and just wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. I didn't feel hungry and certainly wasn't hangry. The only reason I broke the fast was because I have a minor caffeine addiction and had to have coffee this morning to avoid a headache. I am not…
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  • I'm 5'2" 212 lbs, I am averaging 1300-1500 calories/day and losing 1-1.5 lbs/week depending on how active I am. I am definitely more satisfied than I was eating at this calorie level while low fat.
  • I signed up for a couple of them. I wasn't in the right mindset to make it work for me so I failed. I then tried the Step Bet when I was ready to get back on track and I finished that one feeling good. They're run by the same parent company.
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  • Some things I've learned while following a Ketogenic diet; Start simply: especially in the first few weeks, it is more important to get your carbs under 20 grams/net and to help you get your cravings under control. Counting calories is less important at first when you're learning how to eat. Carbs are a limit not to go…
  • Check out Headbanger's Kitchen on YouTube. He recently put out a series of videos on vegetarian keto with great recipes.
  • This is really wonderful, thank you for sharing your experience. I had a similar experience when setting up training sessions at my new gym. The trainer used a hand held body fat device (less accurate but better than nothing) and told me my muscle mass was really good and that at 5'2" I should aim for a goal weight of…
  • Looks good so far. Keep up the good work and remember we're here if you have questions.
  • Oops, overslept this morning. I guess I'll have to do a little dancing to get my steps in later :smiley:
  • I met with the trainer on Tuesday, I've been doing more of my own plan rather than their plan but I have still lost 9 lbs and 2% body fat in 4 weeks. I'm really happy with that and will be adding more of their plan over the next 4 weeks to see how much better I can do.
  • I actually find some good, comfy athletic wear at Wal-Mart.
  • I wasn't a huge fan of tuna mixed with avocado but I think chicken would be great.
  • I'm meeting with the trainer at the gym tonight. I've been doing "virtual training" for 4 weeks. Looking forward to seeing what my loss looks like on their scale.
  • Last month I started about 5 days before I switched to the placebo pills, this month it was only 1 day before. I think things are starting to balance out.
  • Looks like we all had a good week overall. I really enjoy seeing everyone's success stories. I went out last night to an Elk's club dinner and the meal was a beautiful roast beef with green beans and of course mashed potatoes with gravy and a roll. The kitchen staff was bringing them out pre-plated but I was able to ask…
  • TMI alert, I apologize ahead of time. My TOM started yesterday, but I have no headache or cramps so far and that's pretty awesome. I am a little tired and the scale has stopped moving for the moment but that isn't bothering me. I still got in a good walk last night at the gym and stuck to my plan at dinner afterward. I…
  • The heat is something around here. We went from mid 60's over the weekend to 95 today. I have gotten outside for walks several times this week and will be hitting the gym after work. Hubby has been even more supportive lately and is considering joining the low carb way of life. He just doesn't want to have to count…
  • One very important thing I have learned is to focus on all of the tasty and satisfying foods you CAN eat and try not to worry about the things you can't. Check under Groups for the Low Carber Daily Forum, it's a terrific place to talk to people following all sorts of low carb/no carb/keto/meativore and more ways of eating.…
  • Ahhh....cheese. I have tried many times to limit my consumption but it never lasts long. I have at least 7-10 different cheeses at home right now myself.
  • I got back on track right away on Sunday. I wasn't even tempted by the pizza because there were 3 different protein packed salads to chose from. I didn't even snack on anything other than cheddar cheese. That's got to be the first time I've left a family party and didn't feel like I needed to be rolled out to the car. I…
  • I went out with my hubby and our girlfriend last night. I kept to my plan while at the bar. I ate buffalo wings with plenty of blue cheese dressing, drank tequila with lime and lots of water in between. When we got home that was another story. I ate a whole bunch of peanut butter right out of the jar. I tried to log it but…
  • Avocado and spinach are staples in my diet, but remember that potassium is present in many different foods. Even chicken, beef and pork have potassium. I will sometimes Google it and use and Estimated Potassium Count to add it to my diary. And like @elize7 I will also take a supplement if I feel like I need it.
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  • I haven't read the book but my thought is that maybe he's looking at different foods to see which ones cause a higher glucose reaction to see what he can eat to expand his options. Just a guess, fwiw
  • @JessicaMcB You are absolutely beautiful and I think you should wear your stretch marks proudly. You gave life from your body and should be proud of the amazing example you are setting for your children.
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  • My Flex 2 does the same thing. I go into MFP and create an exercise under cardiovascular that matches the time and calorie burn and then sync MFP to Fitbit and it corrects the entry on my Fitbit. Maybe you could try that?
  • Yesterday was a great day. I walked at lunchtime, hit the gym after work and got to bed at a reasonable hour so I got 8 hrs of sleep last night. My macros were on point and I felt energetic enough to go home and do some cleaning after the gym. I have felt so much better in the past two weeks than I have in months.
  • I pushed through a high intensity workout for 15 minutes then followed up with 20 on the treadmill last night before dinner with Mom. I felt very strong!
  • Good morning Motivated Peeps! I feel like I had a real victory last night. I was on my way home at 9:30 pm after being out of the house since 8:00 am. Tired and not really satisfied with my dinner, I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up something for hubby's lunch today and wanted something sweet. In the recent past…