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  • Hummus is made from mashed chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), oil (usually olive), garlic and lemon juice. You can buy it in most supermarkets or make your own using a food processor. The brand I usually buy is Sabra. They have some other varieties too, like roasted red pepper or pine nuts. I use it as a dip with veggies or…
  • I want to second the recommendation of MySugr. I've been using it for two months now and love it too. I like that I can log my blood pressure on it also.
  • SW 239 LW 234 CW 232 A 2 pound loss for a total of 7 pounds to date.
  • SW: 239 LW: 235 CW: 234 One pound lost last week for a total of 5 pounds. Celebrations: Mmm, I don't have any planned. I already bought new workout clothes last week.
  • I like mystery/suspense/thriller. I'm currently reading NYPD Red 3, by James Patterson & Marshall Karp
  • Last week's weight 239, this week 235 for a loss of 4 pounds. I purchased some new workout t-shirts in different colors. To help keep me on track, I looked at a calendar and planned when I would do each type of workout (strength/cardio) and then entered it as an appointment in Cozi.
  • Sometimes all the panes do not update at the same time, so it's possible that it did not duplicate the information, but is simply still showing the old data. I've had it happen on both the website and the app. Refresh the page and see if it updates.
  • I'm not setting a weight loss goal, but rather activity goals. My goals are to continue to log every day, do strength training twice a week, and 30 minutes of cardio five times a week. The past few days I haven't consumed as much water as I should, so for the rest of the month I'm going to strive to drink 96oz of water a…
  • I weigh myself every day, but I only record it once a week, on Thursday night.
  • 12/31/15 weight: 239 Motivation: to become healthier and keep my glucose under control so I don't end up blind, with no feet in a wheelchair, and on dialysis.
  • https://connect.garmin.com/modern/profile/Titinil
  • Congratulations! That's awesome. You inspire me and give me hope that I'll be able to get my numbers back into the normal range too.
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  • I have a Fitbit, too. You can all friend me if you want. My fitbit profile is https://www.fitbit.com/user/2R86Z4 Nilda North Carolina
  • Oooh. I love pumpkin pie. I'm going to have to try this. Sounds delicious.
  • I just recently started eating them, but I only have them three days a week.
  • Great job!
  • Perhaps there is sugar in the ranch dressing (corn syrup maybe)? Check the ingredients, especially if it is fat free or reduced fat. They usually add some kind of sugar and/or starch to make up for the missing fat.
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  • Yes, lisinopril is an ACEI
  • Thanks for the update. That's what I thought, but it's good to have it verified by an endocrinologist.
  • For myself, since I was recently diagnosed (4 months ago), I've been using the AACE guidelines of <110 before meals and <140 2 hours after. As I continue to lose weight and exercise more, I hope to get my numbers close to normal, <100 before meals and <120 2 hours after.
  • The American Diabetes Association recommends 180 for 2 hrs after eating. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommends 140. It looks like your educator split the difference between the ADA and the AACE at 160. In its CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR DEVELOPING A DIABETES MELLITUS COMPREHENSIVE CARE PLAN…
  • I agree. We shouldn't take a "cookie cutter" approach and we need to test to find what works for us individually. Today I had a cup of my bean, corn and tomato salad, made with three types of beans (cannellini, black and red kidney), kernel corn, diced tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette, along with some octopus for added…
  • I have a Garmin Vivofit 2 and I love it. I like that it uses a watch battery, so you don't have to recharge it every few days; the battery should last at least a year. But what I really LOVE is that it personalizes your step goal based on your history. It started with a daily goal of 7500 steps. (I don't know if it starts…
  • I purchase my test strips from a vendor who includes a box of lancets with the strips, so I have no reason not to use a new lancet with each test. Even if that were not the case, I would probably use a new lancet anyway, especially at work, since I work in a hospital and we know they are just chock full of germs.
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  • I'm not a nurse, but I also work nights (6:45pm - 7:15am) in a hospital. I go midnight to midnight, but I've added/changed the names of the meals here on MFP. I have my meals set up as 4 hour increments. So my meals are listed as: Midnight - 4am, 4am - 8am, 8am - noon, noon - 4pm, 4pm - 8pm, and 8pm - midnight. This way it…