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  • Reebok Nano, Nike Metcon, No Bull would all be good options. I have Nanos because I have a wider foot and Reebok tends to fit me better than Nike. I've heard great things about No Bulls but haven't tried them yet. I hear their width is in between Reebok and Nike though.
  • I gave up trying to log workouts. When I settled into a firm 4 class per week schedule I changed from sedentary (desk job) to lightly active. That was about 8 months ago and has proven to be just right for me. It's rare for me to miss a class but if I do I just lower my calorie intake fornthe day about 200 and move on.
  • I haven't actively tracked in over 6 months and kept a steady -1lb/wk loss the whole time. A combination of consistent workout schedule and learning what worked for my body made it possible. I just took 9 days off for vacation and I'm tracking this week just to get my head back in the game. I do think if my goals were more…
  • The hardest part is stepping into the box for the first time, so congrats on taking that first step! I'm coming up on my 1 year crossfit anniversary and this past year has been nothing short of amazing for me. For reference I was 5'3" 230lb when I started. I hadn't worked out in at least 3 years, and had never really been…
  • Some people add it as calisthenics. Honestly, I gave up adding individual exercise for crossfit. I go 4x/week and changed my base activity level from sedentary to active and that has worked well for me.
  • I do Crossfit 4x week and ended up moving from "Sedentary" (I work a desk job) to "Lightly Active" in MFP for this very reason. I don't add separate exercise anymore at all. It's actually worked great and I'm still losing an average of 1lb/wk which is my goal.
  • On top of what others have already said here, I would recommend talking your Crossfit coach about recommended nutritional guidelines. Reputable Crossfit affiliates can guide you to a program that will fuel your body correctly, and I guarantee it will have nothing to do with catastrophic caloric restriction. If your goal is…
  • I started Crossfit 7 months ago and it's been amazing. My box is small, community driven, and everyone is approachable. The coaches are great and balance scaling to the individual while encouraging us to push ourselves. I'm down 42lbs this year and this week celebrate my 42nd birthday. I've never been into sports or…
  • I love avocado toast with lox (1pc Dave's thin sliced bread, 1/2 avocado, 2oz lox, Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning). I try not to have it more than 1x-2x a week because the sodium creeps up on me like crazy, but the protein+fat combo is awesome and gets me all the way through my noon crossfit class easy.
  • Valid question. I've also wondered about this.
  • I've been doing crossfit for 6 months, 4/week for about the past 3 months . I go to a noon class so I've found eating a good breakfast with fat and protein and then a small snack with some carbs (usually fruit) about an hour before class is key. After class I'm tired and don't want to eat right away so I usually shower,…
  • Rx'd a crossfit workout for the first time ever!
  • Similar on the proteins and fats and the effect of too many carbs for breakfast for me, except I MUST eat breakfast or I feel hungry all day regardless of what I eat. I usually have 1/2 avocado on thin sliced Dave's Killer Bread toast with either a medium egg or smoked salmon on top. Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel…
  • I like these for snacks, wish I had bought more when I was there (it's an hour away for me) The verde chicken tamales are awesome. I second the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.…
  • Agreed. I will add that I limit carbs to certain times a day and balance them with other macros based on how I've found my body to react to them. It makes a difference in how hungry I feel and when, so it's part of how I manage calories as a whole to fuel my body in the way it needs and limit the times when I would…
  • I agree with this. Personally, I have to go heavy on protein and fats and light on carbs for breakfast or it throws my whole day off and I feel hungry all day, no matter what I eat. So, it's not just macros but how they're allocated throughout the day so you can manage a lower deficit.
  • We have 4 hens and had to recently lay off eggs for a couple of days for the girls to catch up :) When we have a surplus I usually give some to friends, but if I'm in the mood to restock the freezer my go to items are usually breakfast burritos (my husband's fav for weekdays) or breakfast casseroles (for weekends).…
  • I just had 3 dark chocolate covered cherries (dried cherries, not the cordial cherries) for 39 calories.
  • This was the hardest for me. I work from home and drink coffee until 1pm most days, with lots of flavored creamer. I hated the sugar free varieties because of the weird aftertaste but was going lower carb. After a lot of trial and error, homemade creamers, variations etc I finally figured it out: flavored coffee! Now I use…
  • My husband eats while commuting so I usually make him something handheld like a breakfast sandwich or breakfast tacos or burrito. It's easy to make 2-3 days worth of taco or burrito filling (sausage/leftover steak or chicken and scrambled eggs, grilled veggies etc) and chop up additions (tomatoes, onions, cilantro,…
  • Personally, I need more calories for breakfast than lunch (350-400, high protein and fat, low carb). It just sets my whole day up better. If I skimp on breakfast, or have a carb heavy breakfast, I never seem to catch up the rest of the day, no matter what I eat, and it leads to overeating and/or frustration.
  • I had to make a Target run and planned poorly and was very hungry by the time I got back in the car, so I ended up with Perky Jerky, String Cheese, and a handful of almonds. At least it wasn't fast food ;)
  • Two of my favorites: Skinny Broccoli Salad Healthy Marinated Coleslaw with Feta
  • So sorry about your brother. I lost my sister last August and know how hard it is. Be kind to yourself and make small changes weekly instead of immediately cutting out all familiar foods. Pick a favorite high carb snack and replace it with similar low carb snack. Sometimes writing down a weekly replacement plan can be…
  • Sunny side up on whole wheat toast with sliced 1/2 avocado. Scrambled with smoked salmon and a little cream cheese. Scrambled and mixed in grits. Frittatas with lots of veggies. I never knew fried eggs were made with oil until I saw a friend make them. I've always used a nonstick pan and spray.
  • Lots of great ideas already! I would just add you might want to try smoking meat and playing around with herbs as well. Smoked turkey and chicken is awesome. (Of course this probably is not an option of you live in an apartment). Fresh herbs are cheap and easy to experiment with. Throw a handful of basil and a few cloves…