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  • Any digital scale will do the trick as long as the battery isn't low. The key is to weigh in on the same scales on the same part of the same floor surface at the same time of day.
  • Strength training doesn't burn very many calories, so you have to enter things as Cardio if you want them to count towards calories. Most people don't bothering doing it for lifting, because of the extremely minimal burn.
  • Between 400 and 700. I do weights twice a week, which doesn't burn much, but then BJJ 3-4 times a week. Some of those classes are quite relaxed, some are tourney prep and *really* take it out of me.
  • Yes, all drinks and most foods still have water in them. The 8 glasses a day is just a ballpark figure and includes all sources of water from drinks and food etc. Don't worry about drinking 8 glasses a day as long as you aren't dehydrated basically.
  • Pick a calculator, realise it is an estimate, do honest and accurate logging for 6 weeks with a consistent exercise routine, get solid data from there.
  • How many calories is that shake? Because the rest of your calories for the day add up to an alarmingly small amount. EDIT: Just occurred to me I am in fact connected to the internet and I could google it! The shake is 202 calories for the choccy one at least. That puts you at 1k calories for the day, which, unless you're…
  • Just keep eating a deficit, you can't pick where the fat burns from. Sadly, for most of us, the gut is the last hold out.
  • Then you need to see an addiction specialist and get help from them, if you're actually suffering physical pain and mental anguish when you try and stop. It'll be a long and painful road involving lots of visits to specialists and support groups to break an addiction even remotely comparable to a heroin addiction, but you…
  • Weight loss isn't linear, sometimes you just get the up and down fluctuations for weeks at a time before a 'whoosh' comes. That said, if you still aren't losing after 4-5 weeks, it might be the time to take a look at your exercise burn figures and calorie intake figures and see if there is room to improve the accuracy.
  • Yes, but only if you aren't getting enough protein from regular food sources. It's not a linear muscle gain as you increase protein intake. It drops off and has no further impact beyond around 1g/lb of your weight. I use protein shakes, because I am a very boring and bland eater, so all kinds of good sources of protein…
  • Well the simple truth is you simply can't eat the same foods in the same sizes as you used to and lose weight, something has to change. Since you don't get along with the smaller serving sizes option, your only other choices are to change the food types you eat somewhat, doing things like switching from sugar to sweetener,…
  • I hate the taste of water too, so I just get it in the form of other drinks. I'm in the UK, so the Sainsbury's basics double strength squash works well here, it's almost nutritionally void, yet still imparts flavour.
  • I weigh mine and use the specific brand. There is quite a large difference between a 'medium' generic apple on the low end of medium, and a 'medium' Granny Smith on the high end of medium.
  • Indeed, I just stick with the advice of aiming for slightly over, because very few people hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting a very accurate figure for their maintenance, and as you say, being even slightly under will not work.
  • The macro spllit arditarose has given above should work well for recomping. A recomp is basically just eating *slightly* over maintenance, while following a progressive overload lifting program such as Stronglifts 5x5.
  • Yeah, looks to me like you're prime for a recomp. There's not a great deal to lose there, I'd be surprised if that was 25% BF.
  • This might sound a little harsh, but it is not intended to be. You need to use a more robust source than blogs and instagram for things are entirely in the realm of science.
  • Yes, I'd advise against demonising food with such words, it doesn't go over well here. That said, what's the issue? A medical reason, or you just find it impossible to stay within your calorie goal due to sugar cravings?
  • The amount of meals per day is purely a preference thing unless you are an elite level performance athlete. But to answer your question, you can alter the meal slots, and have 6 named whatever you like if that's what works for you. Just go to my home > settings and scroll down to the meal names section.
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  • Yup, for me it was the XXL Papa Johns favourite. 4600 calories (with the option to go higher with different bases etc). Even with my active workouts these days, that would still be almost two days food. And of course there was the sides, bottle of coke, and the fact that I also had another meal that day. On a side note, Be…
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  • There are several entries for poop (but none for urine). If you search 'Toilet - Poop' it should come up. I suspect the nutrition info might be a little off on that one. EDIT: Just occurred to me to search for Piss instead, it's in there!
  • Except that I have never actually made that statement, the only claim I have made is that you do not possess the accuracy to make the statements based on accuracy that you are making. I have never asserted that that is why you are not losing at the expected rate, only that is is a controllable factor that might have…
  • I have made so much claim. The only claim I have made is that you do not possess the accuracy to make the statements you are making, not that I believe the polar opposite is true.
  • Yes but my point is you don't know that because TDEE calculators, heart rate monitors, exercise machines etc are all estimates. You can't control the accuracy of a heart rate monitor or an exercise machine or whatever you use to determine calories out, but you can control (to a much larger extent) the accuracy in your…
  • Actually, that is one of the theories. The 'whoosh effect' theory. I'm not sure how heavily I believe in it, but it is a theory with a growing amount of research. The TLDR is that the fat cells have no idea if they will needed again soon (since your body is constantly storing and burning fat, regardless of deficit or…
  • Don't worry about it, most of us are here because we didn't know how to eat properly before (it's why we got fat!) and the weight loss / nutrition industries put out a lot of confusing and contradictory information. The important thing is that you're here, and asking questions, never be afraid to ask questions here :)
  • No, I am saying that your diary has many of these types of entry. And that the accumulation of many small errors over time eventually results in a large error. How you log is up to you, everyone gets to decide what shortcuts they take. But as the weight comes off, and the margin for error gets smaller and smaller, it pays…
  • All the tiny differences add up. If you want to make claims against things based on accuracy, you can't go around saying 'I cant be bothered to be that accurate'