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  • yes, yes, and yes. A good day
  • Yes, yes, and yes. But staying on calorie track has been hard today. I sure wanted to binge...
  • Yes, yes, and yes. Not sure I am right to help much, but if y'all figure out how to keep things going I am in. Hope it works out
  • Rick, thanks so much to you and Jessica for all you have done. A great and much appreciated service. But I do understand time moves on and change is inevitable. I can only wish you the best! No winner's circle for me this month, and I am not even sure about the champions thing, I did not log in during my week of vacation.…
  • I have to retract my 3 yeses, and confess to eating a handful of "healthy" energy bars after posting. Definitely a pass day for me.
  • 3 yeses, but barely on the exercise. Back to the gym today
  • yes, yes, and yes, but marginal on the calories and exercise. But not a pass day, so I will take it.
  • I am back, the vaction was fun, lots of good fishing, but I got way off track. Ate way too much and did no exercise other than fishing and a little walking. No winner's circle for me this month, but I will be happy to get back on track, and yesterday I was, a 3 yes day! Some of my fish: I brought home about 70 lbs of…
  • Yes, yes, and yes. No pass days so far this month, but that will soon end. Fly to Florida tomorrow early for vacation and will not be able to consistently log in or probably exercise. Will do my best.
  • Yes, yes, and yes. A good day
  • Yes, yes, and yes. A good day. And yes MaltedTea I am planning another fishing trip. To Florida this time, hopefully for grouper and snapper. Thanks for remembering and asking.
  • Yes, yes, and barely yes on exercise. I am going on vacation next week, leave Wednesday morning for 8 days. Do not expect to be able to exercise and/or log in consistently, so probably will not make the winner's circle this month. However I will do my best when I can.
  • Yes, yes, and yes, a good day. Absolutly essential to me, without it I am sure my calorie intake would grow quickly. I am not a person who can do the "intuitive eating" thing.
  • Yes, yes, and yes, a good day! It has been an important part of my maintenance. I started here back in March of last year, and while I have only made the winner's circle about half the time just knowing I would be posting here every day has been a big help to me. I appreciate what you are doing, and all that Rick has done.…
  • Yes, yes, and yes. Two June days in a row now!
  • Yes, yes, and yes. A perfect month so far!
  • Yes, yes, and yes a good day. And the last one of the month. I did make the winner's circle, but just barely. Still I made it, feels good.
  • Yes, yes and yes. Though exercise was yardwork again, but I did it. I will probably make the Winner's Circle, by definition anyway.
  • Well I binged last night after posting, so it was a very clear pass day... I may make the WC by the skin of my teeth this month, but not feeling like a winner this morning...
  • Marginal at best, I am going to call it pass day 3... WC uncertain, maybe.
  • No exercise today, I ate well and logged though. Colonoscopy went fine, but I just did not feel up to exercising. Pass day 2.
  • Yes, yes, and yes, but just barely. Went on the clear liquids only diet today, in anticipation of the colonoscopy tomorrow. Exercise was tough, I did manage to get the yard mowed and some yardwork in, and started to try a workout, but didn't make it long. Taking the awful prep meds now, I sure will be glad when this is…
  • Yes, yes, yes, a good day. Hmmm, when I falter I guess I just keep on keepin on... Seems to work ok.
  • Yes, yes, and yes. It was a happy Sunday.
  • Have to make a change, last night after posting I ate 3 unplanned cookies. Though I was still under the very high 2500 cal/day limit my dietician suggested I know it was too much. I need to convert yesterday to a pass day, my first this month. I know it was not a whole lot of calories, but it was also not something I can…
  • Yes, yes, and yes. Though exercise was limited to yardwork.
  • Yes, yes, and yes. A good day!
  • I am in, again. If all goes well I may make the winner's circle in May, but probably not June. I am on vacation in June and may not be able to log in for several days. But making the WC is not really my primary objective, its just sticking to things and this really helps. I have been at my goal weight for almost a year…
  • Yes, yes, and yes, a good day. What kind of ideas are you looking for Rick? Something for your daily question/challenge/inspiration?
  • Yes, yes and yes, a good day.