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  • Not in one usually. But the combination of the higher protein, sodium, and ingredients like soy and nuts that make them high in oxalates just make me stay away. (The amount of protein that is too much varies by person) I’m laughing at the fact that my post based on actual science got woos. Have any of you looked into…
  • I’m a poor teacher, but also on a restricted diet. Rice is cheap and good to interchange with pasta. Dry beans are cheap, and if you can scrounge up a pressure cooker, easy to cook, and they can stretch meats. Canned and frozen veggies are usually less expensive too. I also eat a lot of cabbage. Last night I had a pasta…
  • I feel like Debbie downer. But soy is high in oxalates and too much protein is bad, so protein bars shouldn’t be eaten at all. Popcorn is fine if it’s not salted. The others are all in moderation. There is some research that too much gelatin can contribute to stones, especially with the sugar. Wheat has some oxalates, and…
  • Please talk more to your doctor. Get a referral to a nephrologist. Make sure you get a 24 hour urine test done. And I hope you have had your stones analyzed. If you get calcium oxalate stones you should be eating food rich in calcium. But there are a lot of rules. Low oxalate, high calcium, low sodium, low to moderate…
  • Food babe is not a good source about food safety. If you like the recipes that’s fine, but they aren’t any more healthy than anything else and a lot of her science is skewed.
  • I just air pop it every time, and I adjust the toppings according to my calorie and sodium goals that day. Today it was a little butter, a packet of true lime, and hot sauce.
  • It’s not listed on labels so there isn’t any way to track it. I use it to track sodium, protein and calcium though.
  • I buy cat food that is tuna and pumpkin because one of my cats loves it.
  • Considering a cow’s teat is bigger than their mouth, that would be a challenge. I do know that they have no apparent issues with the milk they are drinking from the other pigs, and also do fine when they are supplemented with cows milk derived formula when I put a bottle on a cage to help with a large litter.
  • Well now you’ve met one, if only online. My grandfather and cousin also got stones. The doctors have told me that family connections are very common.
  • They say that, but most people I know with kidney stones are average weight. I’ve had many and never been more than a couple pounds into an overweight BMI. There is a bigger correlation with family history and chronic dehydration.
  • This only happens if the stones cause a blockage. They can move around in your kidneys and ureters causing pain for quite a while before they pass. Even for years. But blood in urine means it’s time for a doctor visit. Even if it’s just urgent care.
  • A lot of nutritional stuff my dad said is either random, or outdated. I go with reading quality stuff and what my doctor says and just nod my head and do my own thing. It’s not my favorite fish. But if it’s cheap where you live and you need to save money, it’s still fish and a better choice than red meat every day. Just…
  • It depends on what I’m buying. Canned beans I tend to buy the store brand organic (it’s lower sodium), dry beans also the store brand. Sometimes even dollar store for those. Some things, like if I really want a grilled cheese sandwich, I’m going to go with kraft American slices. (A rare treat because of the sodium).…
  • Plenty of species will drink the milk of a different species if offered it as an adult. Most species just don’t have the ability to milk other animals. Often you can catch adult guinea pigs nursing off a lactating sow. It’s something that people who raise them have to keep an eye out to make sure it isn’t happening so the…
  • There are people with the genetics to digest lactose, and people without them. I have no problem and need extra calcium, so I eat plenty of dairy. For someone without those genes it is a problem to digest. The issue is that a lot of the animal rights groups have spread propaganda saying dairy is bad. It’s not. It’s fine to…
  • I drink about 2 liters a day, but it’s doctor ordered. If it weren’t for that I’d go with how thirsty I was, how dry my skin was and so on.
  • I’m 5’10” and was 170 lbs. I got down to close to 155 lbs on 1600-1900 a day depending on my activity.
  • Also, while MSG has less sodium than salt, it’s still pretty high.
  • My doctor told me to eat around 2000 mg of sodium when I started hydrochlorothiazide. It’s for my kidneys more than my blood pressure though. He just increased my dose, so I’m watching to see what happens with my blood pressure.
  • I drive a Yaris, my computer is 7 years old, I don’t buy designer clothes- Levi’s, lularoe, and I make a lot of them, and my TVs are over 20 years old..... I probably have a similar clothing and food budget.
  • I can eat for $100. But it’s bare bones. Usually what I do is I stock up on non perishables and stuff I can freeze when it’s a good price. My guess is that I’m $150-200 in food a month. I’ve got a limited diet for medical reasons so I cook most of my food. Going out is a treat. If it’s a tight month I shop at winco. It’s…
  • I just buy no salt added cottage cheese. I’m just thinking eww at rinsing it.
  • Revival of a necro thread for your agenda. Just FYI the developers don’t read this forum.
  • It’s not really an issue in the US, and it is a US based company. I don’t expect UK based companies to cater to some of the US labeling laws.
  • Why would you want to only track salt? If you have a medical condition the doctors give you a total sodium number, not just added salt.
  • I watch sodium- why you only watch salt? I check the sodium numbers against the labels and they are usually pretty accurate. I’m not sure where this is coming from.
  • I only count seasonings and spices if they contain sodium because I’m watching that.
  • You probably want crushed. Except bay leaves. Other than a few recipes you want to dig those out at the end. I think every house I’ve lived in has had a rosemary bush. They grow like weeds here.
  • I haven’t had treatment because my attacks usually don’t last long and are mostly controlled (but not totally) with a nightguard, but I have discussed it with my doctor. Jello, soup, smoothies, mashed vegetables (potato or cauliflower are the easiest) I’ve even done fruit and vegetable baby food. Yogurt, cottage cheese and…