TMJ soft foods suggestions?

I am dealing with a pretty serious case of TMJ, which has locked up the left side of my jaw. I'm starting to get treatment for it, but for the unforeseeable future, I have to eat soft foods that won't hurt my jaw. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • RodaRose
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    Use a nutribullet or blender. One time I made chicken and rice for myself and put it in the blender with some boxed chicken broth.

    Here are some other suggestions:
  • jayemes
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    Soft cheese
    Definitely soup
    Cottage cheese

  • cmtigger
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    I haven’t had treatment because my attacks usually don’t last long and are mostly controlled (but not totally) with a nightguard, but I have discussed it with my doctor.

    Jello, soup, smoothies, mashed vegetables (potato or cauliflower are the easiest) I’ve even done fruit and vegetable baby food. Yogurt, cottage cheese and ice cream work.

    Sometimes I poach eggs in broth, and serve it over bread that gets mushy.
  • fravelkathy
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    I also suffer from TMJ which is inflammation of that joint. I use ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Bought the best bite guard I’ve ever used at Target.The box has on it and I paid about $35 for it. It is the craziest looking thing but I won’t sleep without it. Absolutely no chewing gum! Hope this helps!
  • Evamutt
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    My dtr has tmj too. My hubby had to have all his upper teeth pulled & so had to eat soft for 6 months, besides things like P butter, mashed potatoes, he started making smoothies in our nutrabullit then had 95% of his meals in there. For dinner he just added almond milk to whatever I cooked & had it as soup. for breakfast he put veggies/fruit,yogurt, almond milk, flaxseed, oatmeal, nuts. He lost all his extra wt & feels great & got all his nutrition