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  • Yep. 71 minutes of exercise with 3 miles of running...barely over 100 exercise calories when it should be at least 400 😪 What a pain.
  • I went to Unico protein powders and I’ll never look back 😍 I mix the strawberry cheesecake with vanilla unsweetened almond milk and let it sit in the fridge until after my workout...divine! It’s so close to a milkshake that I crave it every day.
  • About 1.5 years from my major “re-starting” point in 2018! I’d lost about 60lbs over the years prior but decided to really make some progress and get closer to my final goals. My torso is leaning out and my quads are growing...heavy lifting and cardio splits are treating me well this year!
  • I involve her in my workouts ❤️ It can be a pain on my end, since she slows me down a bit, but I really enjoy seeing her get stronger and stronger!
  • I believe you’re going to have to manually add how much batter you’re using (if any for the frozen food) as well as the oil calories that get on the food to make it crisp. There’s no way to do that with 100% accuracy but leaving out the oil, which can add 200 calories easy, will really impact weight loss. I’d guess that 2…
  • Over 80 pounds lost on pure calorie deficit 🙂
  • I’ve drank Diet Pepsi the entirety of my 87+ lbs of weight loss. I also drink water...but when I’m snacky I used the Pepsi as a craving killer. It does not make me hungrier, it does not mess with my blood sugar, and it has not stalled my weight loss. How could it if it doesn’t add calories to my deficit?
  • Here’s how I’ve been shaping up in just under 5 months on 40|30|30 (C|P|F) with progressive heavy lifting and a very small (150-200 daily) deficit! Not too shabby 🙂 Not even 4 pounds lost between the two!
  • Thank you so much! You, and so many of the other rockin' weight lifting women on here, are such an inspiration to me! This is going to be a little long so please bear with me! I follow pretty closely with the Thinner, Leaner, Stronger program! But I don't agree with the author's stance on diet entirely so mostly I just use…
  • Not too shabby for 5 months! Barely 4 pounds lost between the two photos 😳 I’m very happy with how my hips and legs have shaped up!
  • Because of a history of anorexia in my teens I am NOT a daily scale person! I go by visual, measurement, performance, and clothes. I’ll weigh on a month to month basis to check my calorie formula but that’s it...and I’m super happy with the approach! I do however weigh everything I eat so that my caloric intake is as…
  • For me it’s simply what’s heavy to you. I like to be at a weight where I’ll have this brief thought that maaaaybe I can’t complete the set. If I’m in that zone I call it that week’s “Max”. So I’ll do that weight again the next time. If I can’t complete it I go down 5 lbs. If it’s a little too easy I add 5 lbs 🙂 Otherwise…
  • Age: 31 BMI or Height/Weight/Bone Structure: 5’2” | 134.7 lbs BF%: Unknown Number of Pregnancies: 1 Medical Conditions: None Primary form of exercise: 2018 - Cardio (C25K) 2019 - Progressive Heavy Lifting I could tell when I woke up that it was my monthly bloat day 🤣 So I decided to capture it. Oh the difference 4 hours…
  • I’ve had Mirena for over 8 years (with one renewal in that timeframe) and not a single issue 🤷🏼‍♀️ No weight gain, no hormones out of whack, no cramping/’s been a delight honestly. Switching it to a new one was an absolute breeze as well.
  • A banana or an apple does NOT constitute as a is a snack 🤣 Which you say to avoid. Also neither are heavy on protein but you emphasize hitting that particular macro over others. Eating 5 times a day is absolutely not a guaranteed formula for success. You can eat 6 times a day or 1...all that matters is your…
  • At this point I am still in a deficit because I still have some pounds that I want to drop 🙂 But it’s only a 250 calorie deficit so the loss is slower and my strength isn’t compromised. When I get to a weight I like I’ll start bulking/cutting for better definition!
  • Aha only reason I knew there was a difference is because my husband has Android and I’ve seen how it logs! — It’s my pleasure, Cheryl! Happy to help 🙂
  • As far as 1.58 if you’re using iPhone just tap your serving number and then tap the decimal section and type that in 🙂
  • Thank you for the compliment but I am actually fulfilling her request in my first response IMMEDIATELY on top of that one ❤️
  • Thanks! From 2010-2018 I didn’t do much of anything mindful with my eating...which is why it took a long time 🤣 Starting in 2018 my spouse and I began counting calories and I picked up cardio; I completed the C25K program and I actually really liked it! I dropped a good 35-40 pounds last year. But! I wasn’t getting the…
  • Also for what it’s worth I’ve lost about 86lbs overall!
  • November 27th to yesterday 😁 I had to pause in a video I was taking for the screenshot of it so sorry about the play button haha! I had pancake butt from almost a year at a deficit and I’ve been heavy lifting since February...I love the shape it’s giving me! Hardly a pound lost between the two 😮
  • Why was this necromancied 🤣 Were you really specifically searching for threads about neck measurements?
  • LIFT my friend! The benefits are amazing ❤️ I still do cardio but my shape is so different (and better) since I started lifting more seriously this year.