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  • I just started and haven't completely gotten off all the old foods so am not quite at a place of seeing any results, but I don't feel hungry like I used to. That's huge for me!
    in NSV's Comment by riricici May 2018
  • Hello everyone! I'm new to keto, today is day one. Although it's going to be a soft start today because I have to go grocery shopping after work to get ready for full start tomorrow! I've never done any low carb diets but am looking forward to the results!
  • Ha! Maybe I should just drink more coffee...
  • Not at all - I love to eat. But the pills with concentrated fruits & vegetables are tempting, especially since I have IBS and GERD, meaning I've had to cut out lots of foods.
  • You are definitely not alone. I suffer from depression and have slight food addiction. I binge and hate myself, have a bad day and give up, and beat myself up for any mistake i make. Ive started this weight loss journey numerous times, and I'm in a much better place now to continue working toward my goal. There will be bad…
  • I just started it too! Similar to you, i was just doing some walking as exercise, and felt i needed more,and some muscle toning. Im on day 3 today and already feel SO much better, i can feel some muscle starting. I do have a question though, are we supposed to do it every day or take a day off now and then? Last night i…
  • Congratulations on your healthier lifestyle! Those are hard changes, especially writing smoking. I'm always up for more friends for motivation and support, feel free to add me everyone!
  • It's easy to get discouraged and start doubting yourself, but rant away here! I like to rant, it's off your chest now and you can move forward. Good luck, you can do it!
  • Is like to join, a few days past mid month! I need some help drinking all my water - i often forget to drink anything at all through the day. I should also track my 'bad' days
  • The sweet tooth is my downfall most of the time...
  • I could definitely use more support, and would love to help motivate and encourage others! Please add me!
  • Feel free to add me, I'm a fellow depression sufferer trying to stay motivated. I'm an emotional eater, and a big binger. I have struggled with many addictions including food. We all need to encourage each other!
  • Don't get discouraged, you're doing great! Focus on how much you've accomplished already. Don't compare yourself to other people - everyone is different. Your body may be at a plateau, maybe working in some extra exercise may help? I don't think you should eat any less, If you've been at 1200 that's pretty low. I don't…
  • Thank you everyone! Great strategies, I'll be sure to implement them. I started a journal yesterday, and went for a walk before work so I think I've started today well! It's just going to be keeping up that momentum (once I've done more than one day, lol)
  • I do and it works well for me! I like to have my big meal for dinner, so I sort of plan around it. It's also helping keep my grocery bills reasonable
  • I'm the same way; I've started getting to eat smaller meals and just load up the veggies. I've found some 100 calorie bagels, so that's a good morning snack with some cream cheese. This morning I had a hard boiled egg with my coffee which kept me for a couple hours, then I had some oatmeal with fruit. That kept me until…