Depression & eating

Hello, I'm sure I'm not the only person who suffers from depression and all the negative feelings that come with it. I'm a huge binge eater, which is one of my first challenges to get over food wise. I am trying to eat healthy, and most of the time I'm able to. When I'm in a depression though, I find out difficult to focus on the good and keep up the motivation. What are some strategies you do? Please help me!


  • ped6erzani
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    For me I know it was important to keep something at hand. Like a book or a puzzle or something you like to do. I have a journal that I write in too. So when I would get hit hard with a bad day. I would write down what I was feeling and then do another activity for a little bit. Then go back to what I wrote and evaluate. Now I go to the gym and let out my frustration on the weights and equipment. I still write down and evaluate my bad days though. Hope this helps.
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    I can 100% relate. I have had depression and anxiety issues for as long as I can remember. I would binge eat and not even realize. My issue would be that I wasn't hungry, and when I finally was, I'd eat everything in sight. Last November a migraine sent me to the ER and I began seeing neurologist. He prescribed me Topamax, which I found out is also prescribed for eating disorders. It is not the medication for everyone, and I have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Since I started taking it, I've been able to recognize my unhealthy eating habits, placed boundaries on what goes into my body and when, and I've lost 36 pounds. Utilize your support system to help with your motivation. Remember that cravings are temporary, but the effects of negative eating are not as easy to reverse. There's no shame in having a cookie or brownie every once in a while, but remember that food is your fuel and you want the best to be the best you ;)
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    I find exercise is really helping with my moods. I do a 30 minute exercise video every morning and it is really doing me well. As for the food...well...I have daily weak moments! I usually have a treat every day because, if not, I will eat everything in sight!
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    Agree with the others here... Have a list ready of things to do so you can keep busy. Drink a glass of water. Brush your teeth (seriously helps!). Get up and get out. Drink another glass of water. STICK TO an exercise regimen. Even if it is not every day, come up with a routine that you will not break. It feels so good afterwards. :)
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    i try to do something else, like the dishes or out with the dog
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    Thank you everyone! Great strategies, I'll be sure to implement them. I started a journal yesterday, and went for a walk before work so I think I've started today well! It's just going to be keeping up that momentum (once I've done more than one day, lol)
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    I love music intensely. When I am incredibly depressed, I grab one of my beautiful hand-cut glass one liter bottles of ice-cold water, go into a room with my aurora machine and a computer or stereo, and literally drown my sorrows. I have three liter bottles always ready to go, and I often use my aurora machine to sleep and relax. The water makes me full (sometimes uncomfortably so) and the music encourages me to think about what's really eating at me. Musical tastes are different; I'm heavily into opera and classical music.
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    Write poetry take time for just me. Gowet a friend. Do something I love. Talk to someone without judgment. Go to my therepist.

    I have anxiety and ptsd. Some days r hard.