Juice Plus?

riricici Posts: 22 Member
Does anyone take these supplements and/or smoothies? I'm considering starting out, but would like opinions from people who take them. Are they as great as their advertising claims?


  • ouryve
    ouryve Posts: 572 Member
    Does replacing food with an overpriced processed drink even sound like a good idea?
  • riricici
    riricici Posts: 22 Member
    Not at all - I love to eat. But the pills with concentrated fruits & vegetables are tempting, especially since I have IBS and GERD, meaning I've had to cut out lots of foods.
  • minniemoo1972
    minniemoo1972 Posts: 295 Member
    edited July 2016
    Do what you want but don't expect much love for mlm scam woo companies. Start a diet high in food and buy a generic multi vitamin and mineral
  • Cryren8972
    Cryren8972 Posts: 142 Member
    Juice Plus is fantastic. =) Myself and my husband take it...as does several family members, all with great results.
  • MelaniaTrump
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    For IBS, I have read that pro-biotics are good.
    A brand I like is Nature's Bounty available at walmart and costco.
    Eat real food for real health.