The last few days I've been pre-logging my breakfast and lunch. It has definitely helped me stay on track and keeps me focused on my daily goal. I'm not as tempted to snack. Does anyone else do this?


  • riricici
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    I do and it works well for me! I like to have my big meal for dinner, so I sort of plan around it. It's also helping keep my grocery bills reasonable
  • Snchpnz2016
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    Yup, I pre-log my day the night before. Sometimes I switch up one of the meals and eat something different but I still eat the same amount of calories I budgeted for that meal.
  • Queenmunchy
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    My family and I pre-plan our week's dinners to make sure we use up groceries and/or all get a say in what we're having. Plus whoever gets home quicker can start on dinner if needed. We post it on the fridge.

    I also make a list of freezer meals to make over the weekend just to cook and freeze (so I have months to eat each portion). I usually grab one of these for lunch.

    I grocery shop based on the plans. I typically make one thing for breakfast (hard boiled eggs, frittata, egg bake, etc) so I don't have to worry about it everyday.
  • HealthierRayne
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    absolutely! I find pre-logging helps me not forget. I pack my lunch/breakfast the night before and log it then too. I find with my hectic work schedule i can forget I ate a snack if I don't pre-log.
  • Asher_Ethan
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    Oh yeah. Almost every night the night before ill prelog the next day.
  • leahkathleen13
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    I do this too. It helps with the shopping list and prep plans. Also I work 3 12hour shifts in a row so I pack almost everything that will be consumed in advance.
  • kommodevaran
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    I plan all my meals. 6 of 7 dinners for 12 weeks at a time; then I fill in the rest as I figure out what I want and buy food to match, and plan to eat up the food I've bought. Some single meals aren't completely decided until the day before, but I have a rough idea long before that. I know what I'll be eating, and I look forward to those meals instead of craving everything else. There is still a residue of cravings, but manageable.
  • caseylizbeth
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    I always pre-log the entire next day after eating dinner each night. It really helps me know what exactly I'm going to eat, and when, that way I don't come home from work, starving, and end up making mac n' cheese for dinner instead of something that would fit into my calorie budget.
  • abatonfan
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    I try to pre-log 2-3 days at a time. My breakfasts are really consistent (I alternate between two different meals 95% of the time), and I'm getting into the habit of packing my lunches and snacks instead of purchasing them at a student center/7-11/off campus. What I tend to do is pre-log my breakfasts on Sunday, lunch/snacks whenever I do my lunch packing session and weigh out my food (Sunday night for Monday-Tuesday food, Tuesday night for Wednesday-Thursday food, eating at home Friday-Sunday), and dinner once I have an idea of what the rest of my family might be making. All I need to do once the day comes is weigh out my breakfast and dinner and then modify my bedtime snack so that I'm meeting my macros (and add in the calories I consumed from low blood sugar treatment if applicable).
  • stmokomoko
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    Makes grocery shopping easier too.
  • arditarose
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    Yes. I prelog and even do my dinner and lunches down to the gram. I tend to know how many ounces of meat I'd like and grams of veggies so I input it, and then chop/cook that amount for the night.
  • LittleHearseDriver
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    You guys are inspiring! Keep up the good work :)