Anyone else dealing with depression while trying to lose weight?



  • riricici
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    You are definitely not alone. I suffer from depression and have slight food addiction. I binge and hate myself, have a bad day and give up, and beat myself up for any mistake i make. Ive started this weight loss journey numerous times, and I'm in a much better place now to continue working toward my goal. There will be bad days, but there are awesome people here who can help motivate you and keep you on track. Make sure you're honest though, to yourself and everyone else...don't hide or sugar coat how you feel. Own it, don't let it own you.
  • armstong2001
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    I'm dealing with the same problem. Eating was always the only thing that made me feel better and kept me from cutting, but it isn't the way to live. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here and I understand. I myself am trying to lose the twenty pounds I gained due to stress, and my one piece of advice would just be try to find someone to work for. Doing it for someone else really motivates me to do better
  • jlizk
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    I don't have advice because I'm in the same position, but if you want to add me please do.

    Though I'd echo a lot of the above posts. Small steps x
  • LeoZandi
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    Oh man it's very hard depression is..
  • AminaMitchell
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    same here ive got depression and i'm getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It's hard
  • pearce8888
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    Hey mate I have Tourette's syndrome aswell as depression ocd and anxiety. I'm on heaps of meds and it all really gets me down. I feel like the meds are restricting weight loss and always feel that I can't do anything about my weight. The past three weeks after communicating with people on this form I have finally found motivation to stick with a diet and I have been successful. Stick with it I wish you the best of luck
  • leviathas
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    A view I take is instead of seeing eating well and exercise as a way to look good, or lose weight, but I see it as a way to manage depression. When I feel really down, I try to remember how exercise helps me feel better. The worse I feel, the more I realize I need it. Not sure if that helps but the shift helped me. Also, cycles are normal but it is most important that you continue to push forward and try. Good luck!
  • GoldaTyla
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    Been in depressed state for quite some time this past year; weight's up; feeling frustrated and angry with myself. Trying to get back on track with respect to diet, walking, feeling good about me, etc. It's a long haul back to a weight where I'm comfortable but I'm willing to put in the effort. I know that the depression will recede if I can get out there and look after myself and meet my goals. Wishing everyone success in their attempts and looking forward to my success as well.
  • fit4itall
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    Yes, but no perfect advice. The best thing is to keep pushing and don't give up. Set mini goals so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Ex/instead of saying "I need to lose 50lbs and can't", start with a goal of 5lbs and give yourself a non-food related reward ex/pedi. Keep "celebrating" for every 5lbs you achieve.
  • aprilkorn
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    I've been there. I had success few years ago with MFP but then fell into bad bout of depression. I am just getting back at it now but was telling myself I will start tomorrow for the last six months. I took a sick leave from work 8 months ago which meant I had no reason to get up, sat around in stretchy pants so now that it's time to get back at it none of my previous professional clothes fit. It can be tough cause it's so easy to fall into a pattern of blah. I would always say ok in an hour I'm going to do something motivating or I would eat something really bad amd think oh well today is already blown so might as well eat like crap for the rest of the day. Yes depression sucks , set little itty bitty goals if you need to to start. Eventually as you start meeting those goals, increase them and soon you will feel better and will help keep the depression at bay. When you feel yourself slipping into depression remind yourself how much you don't want to go back there. During my last bout of depression I wrote a letter my not depressed self and visa versa when your up write a letter to your down self.
  • woznube7
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    @kcongel90 constant battle with this. I keep just putting one foot in front of the other. More bad than good, but I look to the success stories, motivation and support, and I also look up things/quotes on pinterest/self-esteem/self-help, etc. on the internet. It does help!!
  • sakat726
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    Clinical depression and anxiety for about 5 years now. My weight is up 30 lb since it really started! I had one other major depressive episode before this one, and what saved my was my bike... Hundreds of miles with a group of other riders and on my own. I was in the. Set shape ever! But then life changed, I moved and got a job and got married, and the depression is back. And the weight is new. And I'm trying to spend the time on the bike again, but having a hard time with job and family. You're not alone! We can do this.
  • brb_2013
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    I'm finding myself in that hopeless place too, after yet another weekend of failing to log or to even be remotely mindful of my choices. My husband reminds me that together we are making good changes, our dinners together have gotten less carb heavy and including more veggies. We buy less junk over all.

    At times, I just can't get passed all this awfulness I have done to myself. How can I be to blame yet feel powerless at the same time? How can I be proud of 5lbs lost when I've gained 50? I followed my plan today and will all week, I'm sure, because I did it last week. But I just don't see how I can do this for life, every time I turn around (or at least every weekend) I undo all my hard work. It ends up feeling so fruitless, that all the math and all the steps and and small exercise I manage is just utterly useless in the face of how far I have to go. Even if I lose every ounce of fat I have put on myself, I won't be happy with myself or my body. I will still nitpick, maybe my clothes will fit but I will still dislike what I see. So it feels like, sure I can eat less perpetually and occasionally exercise but nothing will really change.
  • missyjg99
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    Yep!! I suffer from severe post pardum depression. I gained 100lb with my last pregnancy and I spiraled into a really bad place in my life. Faking the smile, crying that you have to get out of bed, eating as the only thing that made me feel "good", guilt BC I hate the way I look and feel, only making me eat more. Trying 10 different meds only to find that id rather feel bad then numb. It's been 2 1/2 years and I'm finally getting ready to find myself again. You are definitely not alone. I truly wish you the best of luck. And getting started is the hardest part. I just tell myself I'll only do small steps, like just walking a half mile, and once I start the endorphins do their job and I just get through it and every day I start to enjoy the exercise more and more.
  • wrrly
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    I'm going through a cycle of depression right now, I spiraled over the weekend. My husband is diagnosed with depression (on medication for it) and was there to help me through it. Looking back, I went through a similar bought 7 to 8 years ago when I'd lost 80 pounds. My depression makes me want to control everything (let's toss some OCD in there), especially what I eat which is *great* when losing weight, but makes me miserable while going through it. It makes me not want to eat and smoke too much. Whee.

    But - for me - there seems to be a correlation between my depression and weight loss. I've been on this weight loss journey for over a year and have more weight to lose. However, I cannot keep going on like this. ::sighs:: Right now I'm focusing on the small things and talking to a counselor, perhaps getting myself on some meds. As with everything in life.. baby steps.

    Hugs to those who are going through something similar. You are not alone.
  • missuswells
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    Like everyone else has said, you're not alone. I have bipolar disorder and GAD, as well as severe physical illness. The physical pain makes exercise incredibly difficult. Sometimes i feel totally stuck and helpless.
  • erikwwikstrom
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    Oh yeah. Absolutely. I didn't read through all of the replies, but I'm sure that you really do know that the "dream job" is not the solution. Only the daily slog, looking at each temptation and saying, "Not this time. Maybe later I'll drive through Burger King, but right now I'll pass it up." Not easy. Not always even possible. But then there's always the next temptation. (There may well always be a temptation.) As I hope all these replies indicate, none of us is alone with this.
  • mlkb13
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    I think I may be struggling with bouts of it.