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  • I use a combination of (full-fat) Greek yogurt and olive oil as a mayonnaise substitute in anything like that. It makes it pretty much the same consistency and taste as using mayonnaise, but is a lot healthier. Of course, if you're looking to cut fat or calories, this isn't going to be your solution. But if you're looking…
  • On the minus side, though, I think I'm going to have to buy a new bra, too. I'm pretty sure my As have gone down to AAs. (I now don't have breasts, I have batteries!) So unfair .... why do I have to lose weight there, instead of, say, from my still sizable saddlebags??? My husband is joking that he's going to start force…
  • Things are going good over here. Weight yesterday was 129.8 ... Granted, this was following a fast day, so some of that will be ephemeral, but my weekly average should come to below 131, which would be fantastic. And it's the first time I've seen a 120-something on the scale since ... hmmm ... that time I lost a bit in…
  • I think we're twins, @breckenashenbrenner ! 5'4" 38 years old HW: 150 SW: 136 GW: 120-125? ... I'm a classic pear shape, and just want to end up slim enough on bottom that I can wear skinny jeans, capris, and other things like that I've always avoided (weights are averages for the whole week) April 30: 133 May 7: 132.3 May…
  • I'm a breakfast person, and feel like I really need to start my day with something, usually a boiled egg and piece of fruit around 8am. Unsweetened tea during the day, then small dinner at around 7pm. So, basically there's no best way to do it, just what works for you.
  • But I originally came here to brag. I've had a couple of 'muh' weeks, with only one fast day and one workout each (and a fair amount of overeating the rest of the time), so I obviously haven't lost more weight. But, I'm on my second fast day for this week, and I just figured out what I'm having for dinner tonight. Because…
  • @flossyruby1 I've been really interested in that study, too, and it jives very much with the reading I've been doing lately (The Obesity Code, books about intermittent fasting). I know that MFP is kinda built around it, but I think it's safe to say that the whole Calorie In - Calorie Out theory of weight loss has been…
  • I weigh myself everyday, but just enter Saturday's weight (or the weekly average) into MFP. My fast days are usually Tue and Thur. There's a lot of variation, from one day to the next, so I like using the app that averages it out. (And try not to sweat a pound or two up or down.)
  • I've been trying to get back into running, too, @flumi_f ! In a very time compressed way, though. Has anyone else read Mosley's stuff on doing fasted HIT (high intensity training)? I've been doing something like it on fast days, following the NYT's 10-20-30 workout…
  • Hi @mamainthekitchen ... Things are going well for this newcomer: I've been fasting 2x/wk for the last 3 weeks and I've lost a solid 3 lbs. A pound a week might not sound like much, but I'm fairly close to my target weight (current BMI is 23.2), so it def doesn't come off easily. My husband is going to start fasting with…
  • Several people have mentioned bodybuilding or making weight, and I must admit I'm not terribly familiar with the process. What exactly do bodybuilders (and, I guess, boxers or wrestlers or whoever) do to themselves when they're trying to "make weight"?
  • If I'm understanding the study correctly, they controlled for that factor. But you're right in taking observational studies with a grain of salt. But the other studies are all controlled experiments, where the same objections wouldn't apply.
  • Doesn't this prove my point, though? It seems to be saying that you have a small amount of glycogen stores which are depleted in just a day or two, then your body uses your fat stores.
  • That makes total sense, for a couple of pounds like that. My question is really about when people talk about 10 lbs or more of "water weight" over the first "week or two" of a diet. (Typical example: http://www.livestrong.com/article/404401-does-a-person-lose-water-weight-first-or-pounds-first/ .)That's where it doesn't…
  • Thanks for the great detail. Would all of these things be affected in a otherwise healthy person who is fasting or consuming a low-carb diet?
  • Do you have a source that explains that? (Medical or academic)
  • On the contrary, the science seems to suggest that a lower calorie diet (either throgh periodic fasting or daily calorie restriction) is actually very good for you: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-intermittent-fasting-might-help-you-live-longer-healthier-life/
  • True, but it seems like the "water weight" caused by excess sodium is the temporary, "I feel bloated" kind of weight, not a steady state that people are living in all the time (when they're not dieting). Most of the water around your cells is supposed to be there, and will always be there if you're not dehydrated.
  • I wouldn't be so quick to say that your friend is wrong. There's a lot of complexity here that people above are ignoring:* There are several high-quality, long-term studies that show an association between artificial sweeteners and weight gain and diabetes, even after controlling for the fact that heavier people use are…
  • Successful fast today! Was a coworker's birthday, so there was a party with lemon cake. (I love lemon cake!) But I was strong ... Though I did take a piece home to eat tomorrow. ;)
  • If it's a fast day, I would second @dryheatfitness and say don't snack. Tea works for me. (I would recommend avoiding artificial sweeteners, since there's some good evidence that they can screw up your insulin and microbiome, and actually cause weight gain in some people.) If you're just trying not to overeat on non- fast…
  • Awwww .... That makes me sad. :-(