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  • A friend did it, lost 6 pounds in about 6 days then couldn't cope anymore, binged like mad and is right back where she started.
  • I completely understand.. 1st of all the pains are sometimes unbearable, codeine sometimes doesn't even take the edge off.. the week leading up to it, the hunger takes over. I used to give in and could easily do a few chocolate bars (I have an extremely sweet tooth) however I then discovered dark chocolate (above 75%) I…
  • Nope.. didn't get anything the wrong way round. Like I said "my own experience"
  • I was once told that running on a treadmill was assisted running therefore you should set an incline to replicate outdoor running. I only run outside now as I find treadmill running boring.. I like to have a good nosey out and about, my other half calls it "getting my eye full"
  • My shorter runs i.e. 5k I run an average of 9.14 and my longer runs i.e. 10k is about 9.30 ish. I once read that if you try to run your shorter distance faster it will help increase your distance but going off my own experience, I got faster the fitter I got..
  • I always go alone whether it be to the gym or for an outdoor run. I prefer it that way as I like to put my headphones in and get on with it. I find when I go with people they like to talk haha..
  • If it's really cold outside, I tend to have a deep bath and just relax for 15 minutes then it's straight in to my pj's and fluffy dressing gown (I run in the evening after work) then I get the cat to sit on me as it's my thighs that stay cold. That usually does the trick..
  • Your full of s**t mate. A BMI of 15 is classed as severely underweight. Why is everyone still entertaining this clown?? He has some serious mental health issues. It seems to me he's just craving the attention..
  • Sorry to say this but 9 years later I still have quite a good gap.. I still train my core like normal though (my separation is above my belly button) I'm reasonably happy with my stomach now but sometimes stick my fingers in the gap lol
  • Dramatic weight loss in my experience only ever equals cancer.. sorry dude!! If this is a real post which I doubt as you seem to be getting off on people giving you attention then you'd sort yourself out. All this bull about you "forgetting" to make an appointment is rubbish. You have no intention of helping yourself. I…