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  • Mum taught me to feel good about myself I should eat because it's always there to make me feel good when things are bad and dad taught me to be submissive. I wonder if that's why I comfort eat and get treated like a mug?
  • My same son (I have 4) sang to me in Abbas money money money tune....mummy mummy mummy is lovely in myhi world, it melted my heart
  • Not necessarily my parents but my son.....if you are cold go and stand in the corner of the room it's 90 degrees :)
  • Yes was. I did say we separated, divorced actually, a long over due one
  • I was married for 12 years and our family was done. We separated and I met someone else and along came my little man. Life sometimes throws curve balls some good some bad but he was an amazing one
  • 24 years old, 18 years old, 17 years old and 19 months. I am good but not that good.
  • Miss piggy....is she a celeb??
  • Hi Emma. Like you I have been here for years but I didn't even venture in these parts. I just find coming are so inspirational it really does help. I am sure you will do great. :)
  • They mean nothing especially if someone has said or done something to intentionally hurt me. I can forgive but I will not forget how you made me feel. Nah shove it up your jacksie and go take your apologies to someone who cares.
  • Today I learned I have a voice and by gum I used It!!!
  • I hope so for you and for her. Kids aye, who'd have them :) Good luck.
  • It is so hard not to compare, I had it all the time with my sister who is older and I swore I wouldn't do it with my children. Maybe instead of saying your daughter said that you could ask why he/she doesn't want to do something. It could be an attention thing, any attention good or bad is attention. My 17 year old was a…
  • I need more friends in my life :)
  • I have 4 children, 24, 18, 17 and 19 months and they are all very different and individual in their own right. I am not sure if you mean behaviour wise, how they are academically or just in general but I always have adapted myself around them to get the best out of them rather than them adapting to suit me. I think…
  • I met my partner on a dating site, nearly 3 years later and a toddler we are still going strong. I had a few dodgy dates with guys I met on there before I met him. One took me roller skating, it was ok until I was going like 20mph and rolled right over to him fell on my bum with my legs wide open wrapped around him,…
  • ??? Calories in an apple?? Summer of 69??? :#
  • So very true!!! When I became healthy, no weighing, no worrying about calories, I turned vegan, the transformation was overnight literally, my ibs went, my skin looked fresh and clear and I had bundles of energy. I am a carboholic, bread, pasta, potatoes but it's just a matter of how much and not go crazy, eyes bigger than…
  • No i agree you wouldn't be healthy if you ate a large amount of food whether healthy or not and I know from experience it's easy to add a little more on the plate or that extra biscuit or 4. Plates from the 1950's have gotten bigger by 1.5 inches that's massive, I read somewhere it averages out from around 800 calories a…
  • Oh I totally agree, I have lost weight fast before ended up feeling very poorly, hair falling out and being very anemic and then putting weight on faster than I lost it so this time I am more about the marathon not the sprint and being healthy while doing good it.
  • That's what I want, just for it all to become natural, tweak if i have to adjusting to what is or isn't working for me.
  • Okkie dokkie so I have just done that and it has come up 1490 calories, such a massive difference for 0.5lb but I would rather take it slow and lose 0.5lb a week than struggle to eat that small amount with no wiggle room and give up. Thank you for your help very much appreciated :)
  • This is what I thought about losing, as you said lowering your intake. I am just confused as mfp is saying 1200 calories, I have no room to go down so does that mean I up my activity and eat my activity calories or s :/ hall I plump for a number and go from there, tweaking along the way?
  • I have between 1-2 stone (14-28lb) it has come up 1lb a week.
  • I have just followed that link and hey presto it's all reset, thank you. One thing though, maybe this was the reason why I changed it in the first place, it says 1200 calories but I didn't think you should go under that number so I have no wiggle room when I lose.
  • Thank you. I haven't logged religious and I want to start so hopefully that will make all the difference.
  • Thank you that's a big help. Can I ask if you set your own calorie number after playing around with numbers or did you use what they have suggested here?
  • My mum and dad are just the best so I can only hope I will turn out like them <3
  • For the sake of being told I am an attention seeker I will not reply to everyone I will keep this short and end the conversation here. I would like to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really do appreciate everything everyone has said. It really does mean a lot. <3
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  • He is!!! I was called a f-ing bit@h and an idiot when he came home from work. Oh and to leave because no one wants me here. Such a charmer.
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