Turning into your parents?

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My mom and dad had these cliche sayings I hated as a kid, but now find myself using.
1. That's life in the big city
2. Thats the way the cookie crumbles
3. We need to have a come to Jesus meeting.
4. It's St. Joseph's Day (meaning we were eating leftovers for dinner)
5. She's on the Warpath just do what she says (My dad would say this when my mom would be fed up with cleaning up after us, We got busy real quick lol)
6. If I find it can I kick your @ss? (Whenever I would ask her if she's seen something I lost)

Ahh they are the best! Are you turning into your parents?


  • JeromeBarry1
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    Mom was a drug addict, so no. Dad was a workaholic, so yes.
  • patrick_star_trek
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    "I'll give you something to cry about." (NEVER said that to MY son, however...)
  • King_Spicy
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    My wife didn't have parents since she was abandoned as an infant. So lets hope she doesn't follow their footsteps :lol:

    I'm def like my dad, minus the weight and the diabetes, and me being better looking. But I def have his temperament, facial expressions, and eventually gray hair
  • kd_mazur
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    life's tough. buy a helmet:)
  • LeGaCyGiAnT91
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    I never understood why my mom hated company over until I got my own place... people have no problem making messes only until it's time to clean up... Thanks for the OCD, Mom.
  • Lizakabibbis
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    I am my grandparents made over - not so much my mom.
  • bluestarlight19
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    I think I'm secretly turning into my father.
    Some of his favorites:

    1. Oh, you lost a tooth? you know, your baby head will also fall of and you get a grow a new one" (complete with descriptions) We had to ask mom for clarification
    2. "hey anyone want to see *insert latest injury here*" He worked a lot with wood, electronics and metal and constantly needed stitches.
    3. One I use on the girls often if they fall or bump something and are whining (not if they are really hurt or anything). "Is it broken? is it falling off?" I also over exaggerate my "injuries" like he did, if they hit me with a ball and pretend I'm dying or my limb is severed, they love it. I miss him, he was an act.

    He had the want vs need convo with my middle sister, which I have had to have with my oldest a few times already.

    I've definitely got my mom's **kitten*'s about to hit the fan if you don't do what I just asked you 50 times to do" glare. It works!! Worked when I was a kid too.
  • JewelsAU
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    Noooo. Polar opposite, but terms that come to mind are:

    'because I said so, that's why'
    'oh that's just a scratch, you'll live'
    'were you born in a barn'
    'eat your food, there are starving children in china'

    The only one I use is 'this too shall pass'
  • TheRoadDog
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    I am very much like my Father and very happy about it.
  • JeepHair77
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    I'm a lot like my dad, in good ways and in bad ways. I don't object - he's great.

    I can't think of any of his sayings, though. He's not known for that kind of thing. He IS known for talking your ear off at random and unexpected times, and sometimes I hear myself doing that to my kids. I don't mean to, but it just happens. They'll ask me a question and 20 minutes later, I'll notice that their eyes glazed over and they regret having asked. LOL! I used to say about my dad "if you ask him what time it is, he'll tell you how to build a clock" and yes, I'm afraid it's sort of true of me, too.
  • striderb
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    I guess I will someday - they've both passed away.
  • ashbabe25
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    Yes, both of my parents were awesome, hard working people.
  • cee134
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    .... at first I read the title as "Tuning on your parents"..... I'm glad I was wrong.
  • SundropEclipse
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    I have my dad's temper when it comes to the kitchen. Unfortunately I was never able to learn french, so I don't get to entertain others with foreign obscenities when I hit my limit, but it at least makes it easy for us to determine when I should warn people to get out of the blast radius (or tell hubby to take over).

    I've developed some of my mum's "Don't give a f***," attitude. Been able to cut out some pretty toxic people from my life, but I think I'd like to stay at the level I'm currently at.

    I'm finding I use a lot of phrases my grandmother frequently used while I was growing up.
  • rdevol
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    A favorite of my mother's: "$h!t or get off the pot". I use it all of the time. :)
  • gothchiq
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    Ha, yeah, I'm turning into my dad. Enjoying alone time or time with just husband doing our hobbies, less interested in crowded bars and big parties. Always looking to learn new skills or read up on interests. When I was younger I cared more about socializing and partying, but yeah.... Dad is also where my work ethic and overall personality seem to come from. Also I look like him. But I got all the ailments (well, almost all) from Mom's side!

    If I turned into my mom... oh dear. We can't have that.
  • AdamAthletic
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    I believe I take certain parts of my personality from both (my parents broke up with I was 3, they're so different - in terms of personalities).

    My dad is hyper focused at whatever he does - work and anything that matters to him.
    I take this one as a trait that has helped me in many ways.

    My mum is extremely welcoming and has lots of empathy - I've always tried to be this way, she's had a huge impact on me that way.

    The fact in life is, you are who you choose to be - you will take a little something away from anybody that you get a strong enough connection to!
    Some scars can be good!
  • seltzermint555
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    I am notorious for my horrible "dad jokes" and yes, I get that from my dear ol' dad.

    I'm like him in many ways actually, especially as I get older and become super frugal, practical, responsible, etc. A total miser.

    I've always been like my mom, in good ways and bad. Some of the things I work hardest to change in my excitable, Type A, stressed-out and manic nature, are 100% my mom. It bugs her so much to see me becoming more laid back and Zen about some stuff, but it helps my sanity and health!