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  • I love tuna with a bit of Lee Kum Kee oriental dressing for a change (I'm sure you could make your own similar dressing using soy, rice vinegar, garlic, chilli and sesame oil)
  • I've just realised I have a 948 day logging streak! :o
  • I have no idea ... I only landed back in the UK last night after two weeks away. I’ll not be hopping on the scale until tomorrow as I always retain water when flying. Whatever the “damage”, and there will be some, I’ll just snap back into proper eating and strict logging for a few weeks. I’ve already done my weeks menu…
  • Calories, for sure. I find I stay satisfied for longer if my calories are more protein and fat than carb, but that's an individual thing and down to you to decide.
  • bought a new work dress from Next (UK10 bodycon), then went and got a tweed jacket (French Connection, UK14). And the larger size label on the jacket didn't phase me one bit
  • Congratulations, and good luck! As someone with a damaged back myself I am happy to tell you that if necessary you can do this without exercises that will cause you pain. However there is a lot of good you can do with core exercises to increase your muscle support and relieve your back. For weightloss however its more…
  • Don't you cut the inedible bits off before cooking? I always have
  • @judyvalentine512 he hasn't come across it - but we are in the UK. The low fat is bang on, 20g being the amount for "average human".
  • @gentlygently How does that work out for you? I never thought of freezing ready made sandwiches, I imagined they would be soggy. Have you found some fillings work better than others?
  • weekdays I have a salad. This is mostly due to having a fridge at work but nowhere to heat up food. Luckily I like salad.
  • What? That's bamboozled me! My mate Dave is insulin dependent due to pancreatitis that nearly finished him off. I'll ask him over the next couple of days if he has come across this.
  • as above. its about what you put in your stomach more than your exercise :)
  • just showing off.... ha. No, really. just click the quote option. You can edit the amount you want to quote. The box will grey out all by itself (a wizard did that) As long as you don't mess with the bits in square brackets the quote will work fine. As for BBCode that is short for Bulletin Board Code (also created by a…
  • I was supposed to make pork loin last night, but got detained at the car garage for two hours (!!!) so when I got in I threw together a quick Pav Bhaji delicious!
  • Also early 50s, now in the maintenance and fine tweeking stage, feeling fabulous, and wearing things I wouldn't have worn 10 years ago. You've got this... put your stats in, set a reasonable goal, log meticulously, trust the process.
  • but it takes two ticks to de-bone them, and they are significantly cheaper here with bone and skin. I make the skin into "crackling" sometimes too - yum
  • I only know how to do it from the website, not an app. Click the Food Tab, followed by the Recipes Tab. Hover the mouse over the recipe you want to get rid of and a Remove option appears top right of the recipe.
  • Literally what I came here to say! Why eat anything you don't care for?
  • I menu plan on Thursdays ready for doing the shopping Fridays. Sundays I prep my workday breakfasts for the week. Work lunch is aways made the night before. Sometimes I batch cook at weekends and freeze my own ready meals - by checking my freezer list I can plan "convenience" dinners some nights a week. Other dinners are…
  • Agreed, but I have bought this brand in multi-packs, and the nutritional label has been on the "tray" packaging rather than the individual tins. I'm going to guess some shop has split a multi-buy package and sold seperately - naughty...
  • when I was trying to lose I measured every single ingredient individually, in maintenance I find near enough is good enough. As the others state, if you are actively losing you need to be precise, especially when you get nearer to goal with less to lose.
  • I tend to read my cookbooks for fun and inspiration, I rarely get one out to follow a recipe to the letter though (apart from rare baking). Some favourite reads are Heston Blumenthal, because he details his recipe development and research as well as simply including the recipe. I have a great book for information about…
  • when I save my recipes via the app on my kitchen ipad sometimes they take a while to appear in my recipes. It will be in there somewhere. I can look back over all my previously added recipes any time, just by browsing My Recipes. Just give it time to catch up occasionally.
  • without getting into why or whether you should be doing keto... to simply answer your question eat more veg. Vegetables, especially the less sweet kind (so not peas or sweetcorn, or indeed carrot) are all good healthy carbs and should be encouraged into any diet. This includes lower carb diets (where really the starchy veg…
  • I made a smoked haddock kedgeree last night using cauliflower instead of rice. It was pretty darned good. I pulsed the cauli in my processor and microwaved for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, sauteed some shallots and a clove of garlic in a little rice bran oil. Added green pepper, and cooked off the haddock. I then added some…
  • I use erythritol in most things, unless I need something that will crystallize, in which case I find inulin is the only thing that works (it is more expensive though)
  • I hear you @Baz8755 . I was on a road trip with the OH, and we stopped at a motorway services for lunch. We went and bought a burger from a well know chain - we haven't had one in years. And you know what? It was rubbish. We won't be craving one of those again.
  • I bring lunch every day. I have a fridge in my training rooms, so I pop it in there and usually eat it at my desk. I would love to go out for a walk round, but once there are delegates on site I can't really leave them without a responsible adult :D