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  • Oh no Girlwithcurls2! Nightmare! (I've been known to buy a suit rather than the shame of coming home again... but then, I like my suits...!) Welcome newbies! I've been swimming the last couple of weeks, plus restarting C25K. Apparently, whilst I counted 50 lengths (25m pool) in 40 mins, my Garmin said it was 1600m (60…
  • Hey there Gemma! Yeah, I'm just back on here again post Covid - been outdoor swimming, but my Garmin watch doesn't track outdoor swims (dunno why - even tried the 'put it into SUP mode' trick, but nada.) so not bothered posting on here. Plus my diet plan went to the dogs. But here I am again! So, many thanks for posting…
  • Fab! And well done also @EliseTK1! My little HUGE accomplishment is starting Couch25K and swimming again. Right at the start of this journey (again!) but damn it feels good to use my body again!
  • I would really advocate you using the recipe builder (and at least trying to work out what goes into those pancakes if they're shop bought rather than home made). Likewise the other foods/meals you eat regularly. It takes a little effort in the short term, but long term it saves time and calories! And in answer to your…
  • Morning all. I have a new found respect for Triathletes. After my ride yesterday, I thought I'd ride off the remaining acid by cycling to a new running spot for w4,d3 of the C25K I'm doing. Man! The ride was hard, the run was harder (even though it was flatter than my normal route) and the ride back... strangely wasn't as…
  • Nice! I've just done a 20 mile ride (longest ever for me), and this last week did a mile OW swim. I'm only on week 5 of my C25K program, but that'll come. So... to celebrate, I've splashed out on some Trigirl merch - a swimsuit with a built in chamois and bra, and a pair of capris also with built in chamois - which can be…
  • Yes. 1.1 mile ow swim in 57mins. Mainly bs, with occasional fc.
  • I echo both responses above - excellent advice from both. I'll add a third alternative to the body weight and gym weights: resistance bands. Cheap, easily stored, loads of YouTube vids to follow, and challenging enough for newbies (like me) to feel like my muscles are being worked progressively (as in, I'm increasing the…
  • Done week 3, day 1. Nice change up - 3 mins running followed by 1.5 mins run (and same for walking intervals). Dare I say it felt 'easy'? 1st 2 interval runs were done on an incline too, so cool that it felt easy enough for me to think about finishing the downhill section (cool down) at a jog (and walking back up the other…
  • Nice one @Bruceapple . I decided to cycle to the pool today, so my focus was on being fresh enough to cycle home again! Thus 25 min cycle both ways and a 20 min swim. 800m front crawl in the 'fast' lane (I wasn't very fast, but faster than the moderate lane, so just took breaks to allow the other swimmer in my lane to do…
  • Nice one guys! Especially the idea from @TC_bluebonnet about running faster but shorter. That makes sense. I'll give it a go! Meanwhile week 2, day 3 done. So still only 2 mins of running but looking more like I can progress to week 3 without problem (at the end of day 2, I was wondering...!)
  • Jumping on the thread for accountability... I did used to run - got as far as a half marathon plus lots of 5 and 10k races... then stopped. Dunno why. Now back on the C25K wagon. I'm on week 2, day 2. Just got some nice new trainers as the ones I had previously (for the above mentioned races) are 10 years old and rock…
  • I've not read the other threads where you've got such advice. I just wanted to say: you are SPOT ON! You already know what to do. Cut down (sensibly and sustainably) on calories and move as your body and energy levels allow. The rest of the advice is just noise. You've got this. Keep going.
  • Hey there! It's awesome you've started this thread. I'm very new to the idea. I OW swim and use the bike to commute. I've just started a c25k program and, after someone joked about it, thought about the idea of a Tri - perhaps next spring. I have bought and read 'Tricurious' by Fountain and King - a lighthearted intro to…
  • It's defo a case of "leading a horse to water". You may be able to sit him down and explain your thoughts reasonably and clearly, with all your educational knowledge behind you. But then leave it for him to decide what he wants to do.
  • My husband and I did a lot of consecutive daily walk/runs (20min max per day, 1.66 measly miles!), interspersed with cycling (aver 12 miles) on days we really couldn't face staggering around the route again. Not recommended for obvious reasons, but it seemed to work. However... my OH and I - and the Dr herself - were all…
  • Thanks for all your help guys - just reporting back to say "I PASSED!!!" It goes to show how flawed the test is, that I can go from 31 (average fitness for age, but a fail for the HSE requirements) to 56 (Goddess like). But I don't care. I passed. Yippee!
  • Hey from Sunny Derbyshire. Sorry your post has sat unread/unanswered for so long... 7 stone? Wowsers! That's amazing! You've definitely got this weight loss thing nailed! MFP is a bit of a mindset change from WW, in that you can fill your diary with anything you like. It's up to you to work out what fills you up and…
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  • Hey Bluefairy! You're in absolutely the right place for help and support in your weight loss. I'm sure you'll nail your weight loss goals. 🙂 As for your relationship - ouch. That's really tough. I'm so sorry. If I may, and please, ignore if this is inappropriate, perhaps counselling could be on your agenda for your…
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  • I was wondering that too! I've been in the pool fairly often - but today was a lake swim ?1500m in 45 mins.
  • Thanks @iamscuba, yeah, it seems it's a chester step test for vo2 max. Unfortunately, there isn't a treadmill available. It seems I'm stuck with doing what I can and crossing my fingers.
  • Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Yeah, we're not sure about the use of the rpe either. 1 is I'm asleep, 6 is very light exertion, 13 is somewhat hard (then "very hard (heavy)", "extremely" etc up to "severe - can't continue". I was giving mine as 6 ,very light, to - eventually, 13.…
  • It's called a step test. Basically, step up an aerobics box to the beat. Beat one, first leg up. Beat 2, second leg. Beat 3 - 1 leg down, 4 - 2nd leg down.
  • Oh! That makes sense! I was wondering what was up with that with regard my new Garmin. Bummer though! Ah well, at least I know I've potentially got a little wriggle room logging in that case.
  • I do Pop sugar cardio dance vids. I find them lots of fun to do and an easy way of getting some cardio in without feeling like you're working over hard.
  • Interestingly, whilst I've hit the pool, I've increased my YouTube vids, to the detriment of the yoga. Loving cardio dance and cardio kickboxing W/Os. Oh, and jumped on the open water swimming bandwagon. Loving that too.
  • I'm a veggie! Happy to be a friend if that helps. :-)
  • Might be worth reporting using the terms 'Fartleg' (not rude, promise!) And/or Interval training. :-) (I'm also in the UK, but never heard the phrase...)
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  • Nice one AQ! Especially on the diabetes front! That's ace!