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  • I have the vivosmart 4. Before that I had a vivofit 2. The Garmin app integrates really nicely with MFP becuase they are both owned by the same company. I've been really happy with my vivosmart. Plus it looks nice, too!
  • Peanut M&Ms are life! I eat them everyday!
  • I don't. How did your husband go about arranging that?
  • Anyone else struggle with flat feet and their knees?
  • I was on the microgestin for years. When they stopped making it, my dr. gave me Junel, which is supposed to be more or less the same. I did the IUD thing for a year, and without going into too much detail, let me just say it ended badly. I will never do that again. But I find I react to Junel in exactly the same way as the…
  • I have been using the garmin vivofit2 for about three months, and I eat back all of the calories it says I've burned--sometimes over 1,000--and have been steadily losing weight. That said, there are a few caveats. I think it is most accurate during cardio. I do interval cardio training, and will burn a lot of calories.…
  • I have that problem too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I was starting to think I had a circulation problem or something. I know that I walk funny--I always wear my shoes out in weird places. Maybe it's something to do with that?
  • I had a really bad cold recently. I had everything you describe. I took the first three days off, and went back in on the fourth day. For the next week I kept it pretty light, but I think the working out actually made me feel better. My sinuses would clear up a bit, and I just felt more like my normal self. I think it's…
  • I use a Vivofit2 with HRM, and have it set to lightly active, while MFP automatically places you as sedentary. I would actually describe myself as fairly active because I go to the gym for one hour or more six days per week, and I take my dog on very long walks on the days I don't go. I always classify these extras as…
  • I have the Garmin VivoFit2, and I can't live without it! I especially love that you don't have to charge it, so it really accurately tracks my sleep patterns. I've heard that it underestimates calories burned, but that just makes me like it more. Some days I have eaten back up to 1,000 extra calories that the Garmin said I…
  • You can get some really low calorie options there. Black bean soup with a turkey sandwich on rye is a really low calorie option that is very filling. However, my problem with them is the sodium. One small meal there usually has my entire daily allotment!
  • The only time I ever burned those kinds of calories daily was when I was on the swim team. We practiced at 4:30 in the morning for 1.5 hours, and then again in the evenings for 2 six days per week. It was my whole childhood!
  • I think this article sums it up pretty well: This discussion is turning a lot on whether to not it is possible to be overweight and healthy, but as she points out here" “Health has become the stick with which to…
  • Thanks for all of these thoughtful comments. This is such a wonderful community and resource! This is the first time I've regularly engaged in an online forum and it has been an incredibly positive experience.
  • I understand the desire for easy food. That was a big hurdle for me because I work very long hours, and ordering Chinese food is easier than going to the grocery store. I started using a meal delivery service--Sun Basket. It's been really helpful. They deliver all the ingredients, the meals are easy to cook and fast, and…
  • Thank you for that incredibly thoughtful reply. I will absolutely take this advice to heart. Perhaps the goal shouldn't be to decide whether or not to take a rest day, but to generally add some moderation to my routine. Not every trip to the gym needs to be an hour and a half long ,and maybe some days just taking my dog…
  • Respectfully, I think this misstates the movement a bit. The body positivity movement isn't about promoting being heavy, it's about teaching women to love themselves, and rejecting impossible body standards. You hear about super models eating 500 calories a day because a size 2 is too big, and that's not healthy either. My…
  • That is of course what I'm afraid of. And I do wonder about the under-eating. I read that when you have as much weight as I have to lose (over 80lbs), it is ok to lose up to 5 lbs a week at first, though eventually it has to slow down. I'm losing at a rate of about 3-4 lbs a week. I try to eat back my calories. My base is…
  • It's nice to see this support from people who have this problem! Your post is inspirational. I also have PCOS, but only just got a diagnosis. People act like cravings are weakness, but the carb cravings from PCOS are very real! The insulin resistance makes your body just turn carbs into fat, but then you crave them because…
  • Hi Brenda! I want to lose a total of 80 lbs and I have 65 to go. I initially set a goal of only 60, but I think I can do more. Feel free to add me. having people to talk to who understand how important it is really helps!
  • I'm looking for friends and support too. I'm down 15lbs (7 since I started logging) with 65 more to go. I love having people to share the journey with!
  • Hello! I added both of you too. I log in everyday, and have been really excited about this journey! I would love to have friends on this app to share with!
  • Thank you for the insight! I really appreciate it. I know that muscle toning and losing slow are the best ways, but I figure treating my skin to a good moisturizer can't hurt!