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  • @DaffyGirl88 I know exactly how you feel! I am ready to start this week fresh! Making turkey soup tomorrow and hoping to meal prep a little bit! I still have take home containers of goodies taunting me... 😐
  • Good morning:) Finally had a good MUAC yesterday! 11/23/22 Tracked yes Under yes Exercise yes, 30 minutes arc trainer I completely forgot to weigh on Sunday, last weight was Saturday, so I'll do it tomorrow. I'm going to my in laws tomorrow for the festivities, and plan on the gym after work today, and before tomorrow, so…
  • I've slipped on recording my MUAC, but I still haven't had any full "yes" days. I am just getting over my second run-in with Covid. I am planning on giving myself a few more days before I get back to the gym this week. I have made an effort to track each day, even if it means I haven't been logging the remainder of the…
  • Week 3 Weigh In Nov. Sw: 184.0 Last week: 180.7 Current: 179.6 Loss: 1.1 This month: 4.4lb
  • 10/31/22 MUAC: Tracked: no Under: probably not Exercise: no 11/1/22 MUAC: Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: no 11/2/22 MUAC: Tracked: no Under: probably not Exercise: no, but over 10k steps 11/3/22 MUAC: Tracked: no Under: probably not Exercise: no, but over 10k steps S:❌️ M:❌️ T:❌️ W:❌️ T:❌️
  • @DaffyGirl88 good catch! I didn't see that earlier!
  • Thanks ladies! I'm trying to get back into a routine after putting so many things on the back burner!
  • @AB0215 I checked through TBBT and updated a few, but it is all set now.
  • Good evening! I've taken quite a long hiatus from participating in TBL challenge! I am looking to turn that around as I've let things slide around me! I'm Christine for those of you I haven't met yet! I just turned 30, live in Connecticut, and am married with two cats and two dogs. I'm looking forward to being back! Week 1…
  • I would like to rejoin... Username: cmhubbard92 Weigh day: Sunday Starting weight: 184.0
  • Tuesday 5/31 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes, 40 minutes arc trainer Not the best food choices today, but definitely came in under my goal. I consider today a success. :)
  • Monday 5/30 Tracked: no Under: no Exercise: yes, 30 minutes arc trainer I probably was under calories for the day despite making pretty good food choices today. I also managed to get back in the gym even though it was later than I planned. The road was closed longer than I expected, as there was a road race after the…
  • Sunday 5/29 Tracked: no Under: no Exercise: yes, 35min walk with Dill🥒 I am going to try getting back into the MUAC. I ended up getting an awful cold (chest congestion, coughing, etc) that put me back from getting back to the gym and had me out of work for a few days. Some symptoms are lingering, but I feel well enough to…
  • @BlissfulK I would just pick any time you know can and will be a time that you can consistently weigh in. You'll never have a "true" weight because so many things factor into it (food, water, processing waste, hormones, water retention, etc.) Whatever weight you choose to go with, just keep that time regular and it will…
  • @BlissfulK I would personally recommend that you weigh yourself at the same time under the same conditions(same time, scale, place, etc.) each week. For example, if you tend to weigh yourself first thing on a Saturday morning after using the bathroom, then do that each week. If you weigh yourself after going to the…
  • @DaffyGirl88 taking those pants for consignment is so exciting! I'm proud of you for that decision! I have been holding on to my 14/16/18 bottoms this whole time(almost three years now)... I really need to just get rid of them and say no more! :) @Mrscanmore I pretty much think the same way! My biggest fear is gaining all…
  • @DaffyGirl88 I'm glad :) I know I've been away for a while, not really with it, but I'm trying to make my way back!
  • *silently peeks head out of the bushes* Hey everyone :) I'm Christine. I've massively failed the group by not checking in for a while! I can't believe the May challenge is starting already! I'm here, and I'm back in it(I promise!) I've missed out on a lot! I'm 29 from Connecticut and am happily married with four fur…
  • @maryphum yes! You are automatically rolled over into the April Challenge! :)
  • Missing weights for Week 2 for the following members: @BethAnnD75 (mon) @JenKindo (mon) @grandmashe (wed) @redhatsenior (wed) @Quiltmom9800 (thurs) @LiveLaughLove1969 (fri) @loseit3136 (fri) If you can, please update asap before the weekly result posting :)
  • @BlissfulK awesome loss!
  • @DaffyGirl88 great loss! :)
  • @susanshaughnessy80 that is a wonderful way to have a nice lunch with your friend and still stay on track! Great job staying focused and making it a good day!
  • @DaffyGirl88 thanks! I've been trying to be super focused! The thing is, my "staycation" starts today, so I'll have to try even harder this coming week! Week 2 weigh in: March SW: 175.2 PW: 171.4 CW: 169.1 Week 2 loss: 2.3lb March loss: 6.1lb I'm hoping I'm feeling good enough to head to boxing tomorrow morning, but we may…
  • MUAC catchup: 3/6/22 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes, walking 3/7/22 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes, drums alive, core, and zumba 3/8/22 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes, bodypump and spin 3/9/22 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes, kickboxing and core 3/10/22 Tracked: yes Under: yes Exercise: yes,…
  • @DaffyGirl88 you are perfect for the job! @AB0215 I think we all go through times like this where we really do have to put everything aside and focus on ourselves. I hope we can all work together and help lighten your load! :)
  • March week 1 weigh in Sw: 175.2 Cw: 171.4 Loss: 3.8lb
  • @DaffyGirl88 sorry I'm still distant. Lots of things still going on! I am disappointed in my lack of support for the team right now. GoT starts next week and I've slacked with helping with that as well. I've been staying on top of my diet, returning to the gym this weekend, and hoping to get out of this funk I'm currently…
  • Hey TBBT! I can't believe Iost track of time last month. We had a lot come up in our home life (celebrating our anniversary, some work stress, and then having to put our 12 year old dog down yesterday after he has been having health problems). I haven't been to my gym in two weeks nor cared much about my eating habits...…
  • Belated week 2 weigh in: Feb SW: 172.2 Pw: 174.8 Cw: 173.0 Loss w2: 1.8lb Current total this month + 0.8