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  • @BarbaraHelen2013 This looks yummy - can you point me to the recipe?
  • In addition to these tips, I do the following: 1) I do shower before getting in the pool (especially good for the hair, which will soak up the less-chlorinated shower water rather than the pool water); 2) I use the strongest body wash I can tolerate, followed by some body spray and lightly scented lotion; 3) For my…
  • On most commercial aircraft, the arm rests go up with the exception of the exit rows - are you seated in an exit row?
  • I will substitute cottage cheese and/or yogurt in place of some of the mayo - helps a bit with calories and protein without throwing off the taste too much. But I do still throw some good old mayo in there...pick your battles :smile:
  • That's my conclusion as well - just back from vacation, where I was active but not doing my weight lifting (a very generous description for my 8 lb dumbbell routine)...definitely see it in my lower stomach. Getting back to my routine will hopefully take care of it in a week or so.
  • It took me a few tries to figure out how to "cook" it so it had some it's a staple for me!
  • @BarabarHelen2013 - this looks yummy, could you share the recipe?
  • I couldn't agree more - to be honest, I don't see significant differences between the two pictures aside from what MatledTea has pointed out. There is a thread in one of the forums in here specific to women and weight training...lots of pictures, pointers, and encouragement (muscle mass takes months to achieve although…
  • I agree - I'm just back from a week with my family and went through the same thing - I've gained two pounds but would not give up the yummy "cheat" food, drinks, and fun. Just grab some easy wins where you can (I was able to hit the gym twice and snuck in healthy alternatives for myself without much fanfare) and cherish…
  • @fidangul - your dishes always look so good! I'm trying to do more with unfamiliar-to-me ingredients like bulgur. Are these just recipes you know or do you pull some off of a website/cookbook?
  • ^^This. For me, the difference at points in my cycle has gotten worse. Personally I think you look more toned/defined on the right. I find my lower abdomen to mess with my mind because it's the only part that doesn't "tone" consistently due to my cycle. I've started taking these types of pictures once a week to remind…
  • Thank you @Ara_the_halfelven - I will check it out! I've started with Strong Curves as recommended on the weight lifting thread. It's been going well but I need to make some adjustments to that and figure out how to expand my access to equipment.
  • Alright ladies, joining in here - I've always been a cardio hound (swimming, mainly) but as I age, appreciate the need for weights. I've started Strong Curves just this week with my (please don't laugh) 3lb dumbells. I'd really prefer not to join a gym, at least until things get more back to I welcome pointers…
  • Oh my, @skinnyrev2b - that sounds a bit annoying. Our pool is set up so that we split lanes. It limits the amount of people who can swim (only about 20 an hour) so you have to make sure you're on top of things when they open the reservations up, but at least I can swim at my comfortable speed, consistently. Unfortunately…
  • I just booked a session for this evening - trying to get back into at least one day a week, when I can snag pool time, which is pretty limited right now. My Masters group is back to swimming but at nearly $12 per session with no coach on deck, I'll pay the $6 a session and swim as an individual.
  • Geez, I want some chips now...I love, love, love chips. But, back to the question - I happen to dislike the majority of breakfast foods (at least the ones that don't involve mounds of sugary goodness with little to no nutritional value). Eggs don't always agree with me so I tend to avoid them. To be honest, I will often…
  • I opt for a mini blizzard once every couple of months and don't feel a bit guilty about it - a nice reward...and I make sure to take a couple extra walks around the block
  • I have a lame question for the group - I've been enjoying MadFit workouts but there are a number of exercises I "can't" do...yet - do you just fill in alternatives? The videos don't give you an "easier" option while you build up. I know I will get there but not sure what to do in the meantime.
  • I opted to add some tomato and avocado with salt and pepper - don't usually go the savory route with it but it was pretty tasty!
  • Oh my, yes - I've gotten probably half a dozen in the past couple of weeks...ewwwwww Love the quote!
  • I agree with the other posters - well done recognizing and acknowledging your anxiety! A talk with the doctor is certainly helpful and I will list a few other things that have helped me: - Meditation/breathing (I thought this was hooey for a long does help even if for just a couple of mins a day) - Writing down…
  • Hmmm, you may want to look into the Happy Scale app as a trending app - the basic is free (not sure what the premium does for you) and no special scale is required.
  • Mine seemed to have a sixth sense about tuna cans vs other cans, too - funny!
  • You know what I hate? When the guys are slower than you but they insist on leading because they're guys and you're a girl so you can't possibly swim faster than them. You know what I love? When the coach calls them out on it and tells them to let me lead :)
  • Same here...until April 13th :(
  • Exactly.
  • I tried the shake thing for breakfast...even when I made sure that the shake was around 400 calories, I was still "starving" by about 9am. It's probably a mental thing for me but I just can't do the liquid as a meal thing even though I see specifically that it's the same number of calories.
  • I do overnight oats using quick oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and whatever seasonings/toppings I have on hand. I have been experimenting with adding protein powder, which goes okay but requires more liquid. I've gotta try that instant pot recipe, sounds fantastic!
  • Me, me, pick me!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put on my noise canceling headphones so I can drown out these extroverted coworkers who need to discuss their weekends in detail.
  • I tend to go with bowls which largely consist of quinoa, protein (usually beans, chicken, or salmon), and veggies. I switch up the themes a bit - this week is Mediterranean - quinoa, chickpeas seasoned with cumin, and a cucumber/tomato/onion salad with some balsamic - and some feta. Easy to make up and dole out into…