Introverts Unite!

Are there any introverts out there who want to connect as friends?


  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    100% Introvert here. Love to have more friends.
  • InspiredBrunette
    InspiredBrunette Posts: 41 Member
    My kinda group! Lol
    Introvert here 👋
  • MikeCammer
    MikeCammer Posts: 3 Member
    Definately! B)
  • transposefitness
    transposefitness Posts: 63 Member
    Count me in, INFJ here.
  • lyndalnatasha
    lyndalnatasha Posts: 1 Member
    Count me in too. ☺
  • bethe
    bethe Posts: 74 Member
    INTJ here, and another loner. I know how to "act" extroverted when needed because I led tours for a zillion years, but I infinitely prefer to be alone with my pets (five dogs, one cat, three aquariums), with no other humans anywhere around.
  • gothchiq
    gothchiq Posts: 4,592 Member
    ISTJ. Hi. I'm kind of a hermit.
  • dafauti
    dafauti Posts: 9 Member
    INFJ here!!!