Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



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    I have some good ones for you. And I have zero shame so here we go. Posture goes a long way.

    Five kids
    126lbs. (23.9 BMI)
    Diastasis recti
    Lifting weights since 2015, including through my fifth pregnancy. Currently following a full body program three days a week.
    Highest weight ever: 220lbs
    I don't know what my body fat % is

    *extra context: I had a baby almost 16 months ago. I finished that pregnancy at 195lbs.

    I have to definitely work on my posture.. do you have any suggestions ...
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    Bumpity bump bump
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    Congratulations on overcoming a long journey of injury and recovery and hosting a new life @SynchroGal !
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    My mirror is terrible, so sorry if it’s not super clear 😂

    This was about 6 months postpartum with my first. I’m now pregnant with my second, due July of this year :)

    Height/Weight: 5”2, 128 pre-pregnancy with my first and 126 pre-pregnancy with my second. I’m sitting at about 131-132 at 15 weeks pregnant.
    Age: 21
    BF% before both pregnancies: 22-23.
    No health conditions!
    Exercise: I was an avid weight lifter before kids but over the past 2 years, life got busy (terrible excuse I know) but I got a bit off track. I’m starting to lift again now, nice and easy, since I haven’t been super consistent. But I lifted from ages 15-19 pretty seriously.
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    Just in case people forgot this thread existed

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    @gradchica utmost props to you. You are truly working that bikini! Flaunt it! I wish I could wear one, but it’s swim shorts for me, since (TMI, gentlemen, please look away....) one bikini line shave and I’m out of commission with crazy painful razor rash for weeks.

    I bought a couple of sweet yoga ensembles that have crop tops. My belly had not seen daylight in 42 years, since the Great Band Camp Bikini Fail.

    I have slowly built up enough confidence to wear them to class- and the mile round trip walk to the studio, directly down the busiest road in town, through the popular town square and restaurant outdoor seating areas.

    I was incredibly self conscious at first, and super tense, but it got easier as people at traffic lights would holler out their windows “I love your outfit!” and I finally came to realize that not a single person had yelled “Hey, fat *kitten*!” or “Who you trying to fool!” I felt like I had pulled it off and was mostly over the hump.

    But I have to giggle every time I do a plank or something similar, because my belly, which is comparatively taut when I’m standing up, leaks and oozes out of every available gap between that crop and those leggings, and hangs down like that blob fish pictured earlier.

    I swear the thing has a life of its own. I was horribly embarrassed at first, but have come to terms with it. Most the other people in class know where I’ve come from and if they don’t, *shrug*.

    It’s skin. We all have skin. Some of us just have an extra suitcase full, at least for the time being. Hopefully it will shrink.

    Anyway, I just bought the shorts version of my fave yoga crop ensemble to wear to the pool. No planking there and what the neighbors don’t know won’t hurt them. Gonna need some major SPF on that poor chalk white belly though.

    @stargirlhorse I wish I could give you a major hug. You are me, forty years ago. Wish I had some magical advice for you, but as @AnnPT77 says, with age comes wisdom. I’m think I’m getting smarter, if not actually wise yet. I think you are modest, as was I. Modesty, while a PITA, has its own charm. You just gotta learn to roll with it. It’s awful hard to unlearn.

    I know this reply is going on 2 yo but I love it. :)
    I've skipped quite a few pages from this topic but will have to revisit to read them all now.