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  • 3/12/19: 167.6 lbs. Progress is slow, but steady.
  • Your story is insightful and speaks to a bigger problem we have in our society. When it comes to things like drugs or alcohol, we easily label them as "bad" and want to help people stop. When it comes to food and overeating, we hesitate because food is enmeshed with many social aspects. Also, I think you did the right…
  • I've tried keto before doing the high-fat part, and all it did was cause digestive distress. When I cut down on the fat, I was constipated. YMMV.
  • This is inspirational for those of us seeking to maintain weight loss in the future! I find that maintenance over time is the hardest, especially with things like stress and life upheaval. I will admit I am an emotional eater like many people. How did you deal with stress? Did you have to keep logging your calories after…
  • It's Lent, so I think I'll join! My progress might not hit the 10 pounds, but at this point any progress would be good! Challenge SW: 168.6 lbs Challenge GW: 162 lbs 3/7 168.6 lbs :/
  • Wow, you and I must have mirror families or something! I've also been known as the "husky/chubby" smart nice niece in my family, too. My mom has always been considered the beautiful and thin sister. When my aunts were chastising me for losing weight, they started talking about how my mom was so gorgeous at my age she would…
  • This will sound crazy, but I stopped getting support when my aunts told me in a roundabout way that I was getting as pretty as my mom was at the same age.
  • I was talking in terms of the typical idea that anyone can "eat anything they want" and as long as they'e CICO, they're good. There is more to nutrition and health than maintaining one's weight. For example, I'm of Asian ancestry and I can't handle a lot of dairy in my diet. Health professionals have told me when a lot of…
  • I'm late to responding, but I think it's cool you were able to remain in the Ruthenian rite. I'm Roman, and from what I've read about the East and West rites there's no need for you to change rites. There is a Ruthenian parish in the area I live and I've always wanted to visit and attend a Mass there.
  • It depends on what you consider motivation and accountability. A lot of people do the "like" thing and read your updates in their feed. If you're looking for something beyond that, like pming to check in a couple times a week or something more to keep in touch it might be asking for a bit much.
  • Here's my unpopular opinion-- ethnic differences matter with diets and what's normal for one group to eat isn't always good for another group to eat...and saying that shouldn't be racist.
  • Well, tbh if you ask me I think the idea of "feeling full" is a luxury that people who've never struggled with weight, or needed to lose weight get to have. Sorry to say this, but after you lose weight you will always have feelings every now and then of hunger or not feeling full. That's just the way it is.
  • I was diagnosed in my 20's. I hate to say it, but I don't think the "cravings" ever go away. After overweight people lose weight, it takes a concerted effort to be mindful of eating all the time. I recently read a book called "The Anderson Method" and asked the author on the facebook group about feelings of hunger and…
  • Isn't there a sticky around here for adaptive thermogenesis? I'd see those links posted all the time in similar questions. A sticky would be helpful for general information.
  • Whaaaaat you mean not everyone needs to eat college-educated organic beef and raw vegan non-root vegetables and gluten-free bread??
  • OK, didn't know about a pre-existing medical condition. At my work, there are people who go "such and so lost 40 lbs in 4 months on keto," so I thought that.
  • The problem is when people decide to impart their ideas and their beliefs on others. I can eat a ton of vegetables (which I eat regardless of losing weight) without someone commenting on how I need to eat differently. I drink a lot of water and got comments on "isn't that a lot of water?" When I've lost a lot of weight,…
  • Bet I can guess :P
  • Girl...the apple cider vinegar stuff...!!!
  • Hahaha! I can't stand people who act like special diets are the panacea for humanity's obesity problem. No, the "cure" is to not eat more than what your body needs. #1stLawofThermodynamics
  • It's diet first. Exercise is beneficial for mental and physical health. This is an anecdotal observation, but if I lose weight through diet alone I tend to look flabbier versus using exercise as a supplemental activity.
  • Wow, this is the reason why I don't add friends on MFP. I don't like the idea of people lurking, and I thought I was the only one who thought this way!
  • I am similar. When there are stressful events in my life, or my life load is too hectic or unpredictable eating healthy, eating at a caloric deficit, and exercise go out the window. My focus is to finish school and then I can devote more time to being healthy (I know that sounds stupid). It's hard to find committed people…
  • ROFL at first I thought you were serious about the not eating carbs part lol. But yeah, it's hard to accept that the reason why most people can't lose weight is because they're eating too much.
  • Here's a question people need to answer honestly about CICO: If you were stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere, or got lost in the woods for a month and had to subsist off of available food in both scenarios (whatever you could kill/catch/eat that wasn't poisonous)-- wouldn't you lose weight from having a restricted…
  • I like to make a vegetarian curry during Lent, that still does well any time. It's chickpeas, potatoes, and cauliflower in a yellow curry, but I think it's way better in a curry made with garam masala :) Also, Greek yogurt with almonds, cottage cheese with nut and a small amount of fruit, or a boiled egg with a serving of…
  • hi obevan, I'm not a mom but I'm also a student and I work. I'm 34 and have contended with a couple health issues myself. I'm looking for a buddy where we can message 1-2x weekly to check in, share recipes, encourage each other, vent lol, etc. If you're looking for that, go ahead and send me a message :)