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  • I love the recipes from a lot of healthy recipes that are incredibly tasty. She provides nutrition info for many of the recipes as well. I still calculate them on my own but gives you a general idea if it's reasonable or not.
  • I can't answer your question but just wanted to share that after I was able to run 3 miles(or so) at a time, walk breaks did more harm than good. Obviously this is just my experience but once I take that break, my legs get heavy, I get slower, etc. Could absolutely be mental but maybe there's a scientific answer like…
  • I like both my single Bob and my double. Most people will tell you they like a locked front wheel for running but I personally don't. Both of my models can be fixed or swivel. Also, if you plan to use it for more general use, the option to have the swivel front wheel is essential in my opinion. In my area, you can find a…
  • If you can already do 2 miles, I think 1 more in a month is more than reasonable. C25k has you jumping from 2 miles to 3 in two weeks. Take a look at the plan and follow it from week 4 since you already have a base to build from and they will work you up somewhat gradually.
  • Try adding some salt along with the Greek yogurt, that may be what you're missing.
  • I completely disagree, at least for me personally. On the treadmill, I pick a pace (usually overly aggressive) and make myself stick with it. There is no adjustment unless you consciously make the decision to do so. While running outside, you can easily and subconsciously adjust, faster or slower depending on feel. I also…
  • Having completed it about 5 years ago, I can say now that I don't think it increases too quickly. At the time, it seemed completely unreasonable when it jumped to 20 minutes but you know what? I did it. I told myself if the program was designed as such, it was for a reason, that I could do it and just made myself keep…
  • This has happened to me before too but not often. I would love an explanation just out curiosity.
  • Thanks, still not working. Wonder if it's because I'm on mobile and not desktop?
  • Newbie here, how does one go about viewing someone else's logs?
  • Add a bit of parmesan!