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  • Very lucky to live where enough life guards can maintain pool hours 6 days/week. 45 minutes today. Mostly freestyle, with some one armed FS to improve breathing technique, some with a snorkel to tune up my pull (or push). Some dolphin kicks (painless, now that both hips have been replaced). Couple butterfly strokes to keep…
  • I haven't swum since October 11. Had my left hip replaced 13th--healing nicely, mostly painfree. My right hip (replaced in June) is completely healed and painfree. Last Tuesday, the doctor said I can go back into the pool two Mondays from now. Allowed to hit tennis balls, but not to chase after balls hit more than 6' away.…
  • 45 minutes. Time for a nap
  • Western Washington State, United States. The YMCA swimming pool is open for lap swimming and not just 45 minute sessions, which were imposed when the facility first opened after complete lockdown. Nonetheless my swimming sessions haven't exceeded 50 minutes. I guess I've been trained. For me, the quality of the swim is…
  • 45 minutes. Relaxing to just cruise and think about: How far ahead of my crown should my fingers enter the water? At what angle should they enter? Swimming with a snorkel for 20 of those minutes, breathing every stroke vs every other. 5-7 minutes "swimming" fly, (while not triggering pain from my hip, destined for…
  • No swim today, nor 'til next week, due to maintenance work.
  • I got an Inspire 2 Fitbit, mostly to track steps. It does that well enough but with swimming it doesn't accurately tally yards or laps. Once it said I swam 165 yards in 45 minutes LOL! I just swim freestyle for about 45 & leave.
  • PS. I swam today
  • Totally disappointed that some pools are still in some state of restriction, especially with 50% of the US fully vaccinated against COVID. My Y stopped requiring masks and taking temperatures. I still mask often, because while protected against severe infection, I'm not sure I want even a mild case. May the water be with…
  • I too, used to cramp when I put on fins, as well as after 30 minutes of freestyle. I began keeping a food diary using this app, which showed that my potassium intake was really low. When I corrected that, the incidence of cramping went to zero. I know about swimming with arthritic hips. I can't swim backstroke for now and…
  • It snows enough to stick about once a year here. The city's one snow plow did its job. At the YMCA I had my pick of the lanes. All the world's problems melt away, when you can get in the water and thrash.
  • A core workout will help swim a smooth, powerful butterfly! May your waters welcome you soon!
  • It's so sad to read of the closed lap pools. ☹️ I can understand the issues with the changing rooms. Our Y closed the locker room showers and limited locker room use. Before a swim, I'm already in my suit, so I go directly to the pool deck, hang my bag on a hook, peel off my street clothes and swim. We have seven "family"…
  • (red-faced) Regrets. I responded to your Dec 21 post before reading more recent posts. sorry about shutdown of your pool. Here in western Washington, they've shut down everything in the Y except the pools, food for kids and childcare. I'm guessing that 7 degrees is air temperature (3.5 degrees is a large change over 2 days…
  • I agree on 1) you don't want to wiggle unless you're swimming butterfly. And keep your kick narrow, as if you're going through a tube. The smaller the tube, the better you swim. On 2) it *is* ok to stay long and glide. If you're sprinting, the glide time shortens in favor of a higher stroke rate. Otherwise, go for a…
  • Some days, you know, and some days you don't. Today, a little freestyle--wondering where in the stroke, power is most effectively applied. Then a little backstroke wondering the same and if I rotated sufficiently. Did 4-6 laps of dolphin kicks emphasizing the navel (hip?) as the initiation point of each kick and did a few…
  • Monday, the state shut down health clubs and restaurants due to rising covid cases. The Y closed down the gym, the workout center (aerobics and weights) and racquetball court, leaving open only childcare and the pool. Whew!
  • Hi Kupla71. Once a week makes it really tough to reinforce new and better stroke mechanics. I hope that situation improves for you soon. I neglected to mention why lifting the head is undesirable when breathing in front crawl (if you call the stroke freestyle instead, you won't swim faster, but you'll sound more hip). When…
  • I swimmed! this then that. It good. then home to pick blueberries & bake sourdough. yummy
  • Ain't it great? I love breaststroke. Not much beats gliding after a good whip kick and feeling the water flow over me. We have many details to coordinate with any swimming stroke, and breathing while swimming freestyle (front crawl) doesn't come naturally to most of us. You may already know: you needn't lift your head to…
  • For the 4th time I touched "Done" in the upper right corner instead of "Post Reply" and lost it all again. ~43 minutes in the water today. Equal time for 4 strokes. Drills, partial stroke, full stroke. Often forget to focus on sucking hard when my mouth clears the water>>more out of breath than warranted! Cheers!
  • It IS important to keep Portland weird. Kudos to the protest Moms and the Dads with leaf blowers! Chin up! Let's keep our thoughts focused on pool reopening for Portland! Cheers
  • Swam yesterday. 45 minutes split between the four strokes I love doing all of them, even if I'm not proficient. Sometimes, I can feel like I've got it right (I probably didn't) giving me a little boost on the good feeling I get after each swim Cheers!
  • That's really sad. Our YMCA pool opened June 22 with serious pandemic defenses, but it's open. Wish you lived here (Aberdeen, Washington) I hope your town can find the funds to open. After all, they do still have to maintain the pool. Might as well have swimmers. I swam today. We get 45 minutes. We can sign up at six…
  • five days. Today I took a break to beef up my blueberry cage against deer, birds and weather
  • The YMCA pool in my town opened June 22. I swam
  • My pool closed yesterday. Spring conditions have dried the tennis courts, so I'm learning to play left handed. With so many great YouTube channels, I'm having so much fun! I hit balls with the city park groundskeeper for three hours. I missed a lot of balls, but had a blast!
  • No big efforts. 60 minutes weeding and digging in the yard to plant 30 bulbs. 90 more bulbs to plant another day Then building a 20' long wood plank walk along the side of the garage for 2 hours. Hitting tennis balls left handed against a wall for an hour. I'm beat. I skipped swimming.
  • Been swimming, just haven't checked in here. Changed the workout only to finish with breaststroke instead of butterfly. Swimming fly earlier in the session when I have more energy. Swimming slow to iron out technique. Many feel-good laps! Learning to play tennis with my left hand after a minor right hand accident. Cheers!
  • I look like I'm built for speed, but my brain won't cooperate. The software is comfort driven. I'm almost 63 years old--I know who I am and what I want to do in the water. I don't do high intensity interval training, so I won't earn faster 50s or 100s. I strive to swim better than last month if not better than yesterday.…