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  • Those are all awesome! Congrats!! Feel free to add me. I log daily, (even if I totally screw up :smile: ), and have an open diary.
  • Balto! Ever since I was a kid... Also, The 10th Kingdom, which I think was technically a mini-series maybe but I've only ever watched it on DVD.
  • Also an active user with an open diary. Would love more active friends! Add away. :smile:
  • I started keto hard this year but my husband has been on it for a couple years now (and I do all the cooking :smile: so I'm well acquainted with that side of it). CavemanKeto,, and KetoConnect were all really helpful to me starting out with meal prep ideas and recipes. Feel free to add me if you want. I'm always…
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  • Tacos/taco salad. Ground beef is done in 10min and depending how much you make, you'll have leftovers for the next night or two, or lunch, or however you want to spread it.
  • I found out I had PCOS about 8 years ago but was basically just told "we can kind of treat it with birth control" (which did help with some things) and that was about it. I think the fact that I was really active at the time dampened the weight gain effects a bit until I got a desk job about 6 years ago and then a…
  • I hard boil eggs ahead of time and have with a slice of cheese/cheese stick. Absolute fastest breakfast for the shortest of mornings, add protein powder to coffee with 1-4Tablespoons (depending on your taste preferences) heavy cream or a higher ratio of almond milk to coffee with protein powder.
  • I'm in!
  • Always looking for more keto buddies. Feel free to add me. :smile:
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  • Goal weight 165-ish, but I have quite a ways to go. I was 165 in high school, very fit, and fairly strong. I've gained at least a bit of muscle since then but also a whole bunch of the bad stuff. =(
  • You Really Got Me by The Kinks My husband and I exited the ceremony to that one. Definitely different. Lyrically relevant. Not overly lovey dovey.
  • 4 real?
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  • I'm in love with Callie's Coffee. It's not as acid-y as a lot of others, even the darker roasts. They deliver in the states. They also get bonus points for donating 10% of everything to pediatric cancer research.
  • You could also try switching from pre-sweetened creamers to cream/half&half/milk-of-choice and adding your own sugar and work on tapering back. Another possible option (as I don't know how you select your coffee) is to find a coffee that you actually really like. That makes transition to drinking it black or even switching…
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  • Burger bowls. When I do them, I sauté onions, peppers, mushrooms with garlic to go on top. You can add cheese and bacon, jalepeno...whatever you want really. Dish into a bowl, add condiments of choice. There are recipes around for zucchini or pumpkin "fries" to go with it. Can also make a cheese sauce to douse veggies in…
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  • Have you tried flavored sparkling waters? You can also make your own Italian sodas with sugar free syrup and club soda.
  • Quick answers: There are lots of tips and stories on keto specific sites (, ketoconnect). Yes, it's sustainable IF you determine it's what makes you feel the best, which I'll touch back on at the end. Sure, it can break a plateau and a safe amount to lose is whatever puts you at a healthy weight (this isn't a keto…
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  • Hey all. Same boat! Would love more accountability buddies! Especially now. Was doing great and started falling off a bit. :neutral:
  • Primarily keto...with a certain degree of "I have a super low carb level for the day so that piece of non dark chocolate or cup of grapes isn't going to kill me". :smile:
  • If you can pinpoint the trigger, try making a conscious effort to do something else instead. If it's a hand-to-mouth impulse that feels like it NEEDS to happen, something with a finite and reasonable quantity to discourage binging (rather than a fraction of a big bag of chips, just have a small bag) or things that take a…
  • I would LOVE some keto friends! My husband and I decided to try keto about 2 years ago after a ton of reading. I didn't last, but he did and after cooking keto for 2 years and building an arsenal of go-to recipes and generally feeling like I have a better handle on it, I'm going to try again! Started 2 weeks ago and so far…