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  • I’m not looking to lose weight 🙂 I’ve been maintaining for a long time now.
  • Yikes that’s really rough. That’s what I’m afraid of. Thanks for chiming in!
  • Yep cleared for eliptical, swimming and walking around a bit in my boot. I’m grateful I can still do something!
  • My ferritin was below and iron was border line low I think
  • No my b12s are normal and I’m female. I’ll bring those concerns up with my Dr , thanks for the help.
  • It probably was just an age thing, I’m in my early twenties. My brother in law had stage 4 colon cancer at 27 years old though, so just goes to show age doesn’t always mean everything..
  • Thanks everyone for the advice, this has given me a lot of courage that I’m not just being silly for worrying. I’ll definitely go back and demand some tests.
  • That’s probably a good idea. They kept asking if I saw any blood.... without going into details I don’t know how anyone could tell lol. I remember talking with you before too 🙂 thanks for your advice!
  • This is a pretty old post lol, finished the race a long time ago. My pitfall actually ended up being exactly what I thought it would be, took a week off for Christmas and then caught the flu as soon as I returned. Went back at it too hard when sick and ended up getting PFPS. Apparently I was also anemic during this time as…
  • My walking, hiking, and running buddy!
  • So it took forever for the lab results to come back... but my dr finally gave me some iron & vitamin c supplements. Apparently I am also protein C deficient.. which is I guess kind of a oddity? My dr wants to test it again in a few months to see where it’s at again. From what I read online I’m freaked out, but I’m not a…
  • Thanks for the info, that’s what I thought so figured it couldn’t be that. My nails are falling off and I look extremely pale but I ran 9 miles yesterday. I’m wondering if I should quit running for a while until I feel better but I love it so much. I forgot to ask my doctor. I must not be that bad since I still have…
  • Thanks I don’t know why that wasn’t obvious to me yesterday lol. Makes sense. My dad also has a rare blood disorder called Hemochromatosis, which I know is genetic. He actually discovered it by running his Ancestry raw data through a program called Prometheus. He ran my ancestry as well before he went into the hospital and…
  • Wow thank you so much for all the info!!! I’m a bit afraid of getting in trouble at work too, I’ve been so confused and afraid of making a mistake...
  • Thanks for sharing your story, I’ll have to look into that VitronC when I’m allowed to supplement. I assume it has vitamin C (hence the name) to help with iron absorption too? I always take everything I read with a grain of salt on the internet 🙂 but it’s nice meeting others who have similar experiences! I’ll attach the…
  • That’s what I thought too!!!!! I asked my Dr if that could be the cause and she basically shot down the idea saying it was not possible. I think she’s a very good Dr and trust her opinion. Just a waiting game I guess for the rest of the tests but I’m really curious about all this and why she may be speculating. I was way…
  • My total iron was 66. I wonder what that means? I find it strange with such a low ferratin level my doctor told me absolutely do not take an iron supplement...
  • Interesting, thanks! If you don’t mind me asking.. Did you start taking supplemental iron? Did you immediately start feeling better once you were on it or did it take some time?
  • Thanks all for your thoughts... I have no doubt my dad will remain true to who he is despite the situation, he’s stubborn and I don’t see him realistically going non vegan. I continue to work so that I can pay their bills and support them... I don’t want them to worry about finances right now. I am optimistic that he will…
  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Unfortunately it’s up in Jacksonville (memorial hospital) which is 2 hours from me.. he initially went up there for rehab for his stroke but then when he was in rehab he threw multiple blood clots in his leg & lungs. Since he’s so far away I can only visit him on the weekend because of…
  • Dang, I don’t have it quite that bad but I’m also young (25 years old here). Its given me a bit of trouble so far in my knees and hips. I’ve learned to just take one day at a time... if I wake up and feel stiff and sore I go a lot slower and give myself time. I also take a lot of hot baths, they just really seem to help…
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  • I almost always eat a cookie before I go. I don’t log it either (muhahaha!)
  • I have this exact same reaction but with citrus, if I eat an orange or a lemon I sweat so much. Sour candy is even worse... I’ve asked all my doctors and they’ve been puzzled. My only guess is perhaps it’s a strange allergic reaction 🤷‍♀️ Are the apples you eat sour apples like green Granny Smith? Or sweet when this…
  • That’s really unusual. I live in central Florida and during the summer I need water, and I’m not a big sweater and I don’t generally drink much.
  • I live in an extremely hot and humid climate so I’m usually forced to carry water on almost every run, I use a Nathan brand water back pack with a water bladder and tube. I really like the Nathan brand because I’m a woman and they sell models built to fit women specifically. I had trouble with other brands in the past…
  • I’ve heard ultra people usually do back to back long runs. Depending on your level 10 miles doesn’t sound excessive.
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone 😆.
  • Longer, slower miles. Increase gradually so you don’t injury yourself and practice running at a conversational pace. You shouldn’t feel winded on these long runs. A training plan is also very helpful.