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  • When I eat hamburgers/sandwiches, i start from the outside and bite in spiraling circle pattern until it becomes a smaller and smaller circle and then just pop the smallest bite in my mouth. I eat all the breading off chicken nuggets first and then eat the meat. At Krystals, I remove the bottom bun and eat it alone, and…
  • I wanna get some tattoos, and I feel like they would look stupid unless I'm in good shape. Also, I want to be able to dress is cool costumes on Halloween. I'm tired of googling chubby characters to dress up as.
  • I went to buy a new belt on Saturday. While I was out I decided to try on some pants just to see where I'm at now. I started with size 46 when my diet began last April. I grabbed two pairs of 38s that I assumed would fit fine, and a wishful pair of 36's just to see if I could get them buttoned. I tried the 36 first and not…
  • I think its hard for some people to hear that another person doesn't want to be a parent, because there are those who try and can't have children. My wife and I tried for 8 years and had one miscarriage before we finally had our son in our late 30's. It is the best decision I have ever made. I'm totally in love with my…
  • Yes, I am constantly afraid I'm going to swing my hand out and its gonna go flying. I went to feed the ducks with my son this weekend and I just had to use my other hand to toss. That's awesome about the spacers though, I did not know anything like that existed. I'm definitely gonna see about those!
  • My wedding ring has been loose for about 6 months now, I could slid it off with my fingers and flip it around, not really thinking about it. As of today, its just fallen off on its own twice. It's even too big for my thumb!
  • I mean I added more weight than I would have with my free weight squats as I said to make it feel more like I was getting a workout, but afterwards it was just a feeling of...ok I guess I worked out. Where as normally I finish squats like, woo! thank god thats over for the day.
  • If I could bring back any one food... Long John Silvers used to have these wraps. They had chicken, crunchies, rice, and lettuce, and some kind of spicy sauce. They were wrapped in tomato/spinach tortilla wraps, and they were amazing! I'd be ruined if those ever came back.
  • See! thats what i'm saying though. They aren't softening and plumping. They are chewy wet oats.
  • I just following recipes I find, I usually put in some frozen fruit and almond milk. But people tout the overnight oats so much that I just kept thinking, surely I'm doing something wrong.
  • Oh I have my scotch on hand. I have not had any in awhile though.
  • I'm in the middle of a plateau myself and it kills me to see the same number everyday. But I'm still feeling good so I'm gonna keep at it! I was actually coming today to complain about it, and I'm glad I see other people who are dealing with it. Don't give up the fight!
  • Our fireworks are tonite so I plan to watch those with the family after work. As for tomorrow, my plan is to stay home and watch movies, and have a lazy Sunday midweek!
  • I recently bought a few new belts. I'm looking forward to next saturday...first saturday of the month goodwill is 1/2 off, gonna get me some new pants.
  • Well I had read somewhere that an average 5k was 20 min so I was like , i'll give myself a buffer of 25. Sounds like I got my work cut out for me. Like I said I know I can finish. I just want to feel good about the finish. Like if i could be in the top half, that would be great!
  • Eh, I just mention fiber because its up there on the app whenever I look at nutrients with the actual macros and it always catches my eye because I'm always over it. But mainly I'm just wandering if I need to push harder on protein on top of the calorie deficit.
  • My wife and I had our first child recently, and we are in our upper 30's, which means by the time he's graduating high school I'll be even if I'm one of the older dads, I want to be one of the sexier dads :wink:
  • I lost 100lbs in highschool, and a kid I had never met before called me fatty... I had already lost 75lbs at that point, that one hurt a lot.
  • I lost 100lbs between my Junior year and Senior year in high school. I just woke up one day and decided that I was tired of being the fat kid at school. I was like, "I have one year left, I have to make it count!" So at the end of my junior year, I started the push, lost a lot of weight during the summer, came back to my…
  • This is a weird thing I've noticed. A few years ago, I was in a car accident and during recovery I was given oxycodone. I remember I would take one and after about thirty minutes I'd be sitting on the couch or lying in bed and all the sudden I would just feel great! As if I had been sitting in pain and I physically…
  • my stationary bike puts me at 300 cals in 30 min. I don't eat back any calories i exercise though so its more of a, hey i worked up a sweat, not a hey i get to cheat.